Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tortoise and the Hares

Two Weeks Left to Train

For the Run for the Animals
(in which the animals will not be allowed to run
but they can train)

My Walking Partner Lois, next to Coach Dawn— also L's recently Adopted Sister, then L's Baby Sister Mary Beth, and L's Younger Sister Nancy and on the end, lucky me, that gets to join this training convent of sisters.

This photo is staged to disguise the identity of the tortoise. Bet you can't guess.

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Rebecca said...

I continue to be impressed! Don't sell yourself short. It's not a "race"; it's a "run".

We spent our morning walking in Auburn - viewing beautiful homes, yards and gardens. Then home to install rain barrels which arrived via Fed Ex yesterday. I look forward to using that rainwater instead of watching it puddle in our low spots! I'll also spend a little time creating/editing a responsive reading suitable for the congregation tomorrow and editing the bulletin....