Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Gisel homestead and farm are sold. Yes, it is sad to close a chapter but we choose to concentrate on these happy highlights.

  • The farmers that farmed the farm for many years are the new owners.
  • It was dry today during the sale. The night before, there were torrential rains. After the sale there was light rain but during the auction it was dry.
  • There was more than one bidder for the farm.
  • Donna and Lynn will not have to mow the yard at the farm again. Yay! That is a long grueling task and they have been very diligent and faithful.
  • My siblings and their spouses have gone through a lengthy process of settling the estate. This has strengthened our respect, appreciation and love for each other. We have seen God in the details.
  • For Dad and Mom, that would be enough. They would be pleased.

    Two wanna-be farmers—brothers-in-law, Bob and Rog, standing where the barn used to be.

Sisters, Lou and Donna chatting with Dad's good friend, Dean.

In the back is sister-in-law, Sheila chatting with cousin Doyce.

We had a great team of men spreading out and working the crowd. The auctioneer explained to family members that farmers would not want to be in the garage for the auction. They need to be outside, able to hide behind trees, able to be discreet . . .

We were happy for every car and truck that pulled in the driveway.

Afterwards my three siblings and I and our spouses and niece, Katie, shared a celebration lunch together.
Life is good.


Rebecca said...

You've had a QUITE a week - musicals and auction....I hope you are able to sit (or do you ever DO that) and let your body catch up with your spirit! I was especially glad to hear the rain stopped for the auction. I was worried. It interfered with my garage sale, but that was a SMALL thing.

Diana said...

Brenda, Thank you for visiting my blog. It sounds like you've been a very busy woman.And what a wonderful family you have! I noticed that you live or did live in the Chicago land area? Thats where I am originally from!