Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ten Years, Ten Reasons

It's official. I made it around the park today, 2 miles at a slow jog. I am training for the Run for the Animals. It is a local 5K/10K that is part of the local Taste of Wheaton. Yes, sadly there is no more Cream of Wheaton—the name has been changed. It is no surprise that I will do the 5K—not the 10K. Grandson Kent—the only grandchild (thus far) that enjoys running will do the 10K.

Every year I wonder, Why I am doing this? So I make a list to remind me. Last year I really had decided to quit but I cannot—not yet.

  1. Because it is a tradition worth keeping. The first time I ever participated in this 5K (any 5K—any run that was more than to the mailbox or the corner) was on the wedding day of my youngest son. I have attempted to participate every year since. He will be married 10 years on June 5th.

  2. The weather has been fantastic!

  3. I have a 20% off coupon for new running shoes at Dick Ponds.

  4. I want to speed up my metabolism. I am participating in a very small, Biggest Loser Challenge with my sisters.

  5. Because I can—praise God! Dr. E. told me that I might not be able to jog again when I broke my leg nine months ago. Granted what I do is not a full out run or even a jog for most people but it is faster than walking—just a bit. I am so happy and thankful to be able to do this!

  6. To encourage my grandkids. I want to help them know that they are only competing against themselves.

  7. Because my walking partner is training and I don’t want her to leave me in the dust. (I know that sounds like a contradiction to #6. Oh well.)

  8. Because I have a practice schedule and it does feel good to cross it off.

  9. Because I have a couple of reunions this June with people that I have not seen for awhile. I don’t want to overhear them saying as I did in a dream lately, “Brenda sure has put on some weight since I last saw her.”

  10. Because I love to hear my hubby say, “I am really proud of you, Babe!” He is my 5K chauffeur, drink holder, picture taker and encourager.


Wanda said...

In the first photo you were even smiling...that makes it even more worth doing!

Donna's Book Nook said...

You go Brenda! It's a good thing I never considered joining you--cause I don't jog or run--just walk fast! I'm proud of you Sis!

Rebecca said...

I'm jealous (in a most sanctified way)! June 5 is OUR wedding anniversary, too. Be sure I'll be thinking of you that day. Is there a prize at the end of the "sisters' competition???"

Brenda said...

We talked about a prize but could not think of a worthy prize. Treating the winner to dinner out just doesn't seem appropriate. We are still thinking . . .

lady m's lavender cottage said...

Wow, yes, you run because you can :)

What an inspiration you are...

How lovely that you stopped by the cottage.


lady m

Anonymous said...

You never cease to surprise me!

Mom/Barb said...

Barb just wrote the above!