Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Through a glass darkly . . .

A few days ago, friend Judy emailed this link of
Il Divo, "Amazing Grace" from November 2008. I had not listened to it before. I have listened to several times in the past few days. If you have not heard it, let me encourage you to listen to the whole four minute song but then turn it off immediately when you hear clapping because it goes right into a very loud promotional video.

I can just imagine being there in person for this presentation.

My sisters and I did have a unique experience on our vacation. At the Highland Games Opening Parade, many Highlander bands played as they entered and left the area. All of the bands grouped in the outdoor arena area and there were a few introductory and welcome speeches, including a welcome from the New Hampshire Governor.

One of the guest Highlander Bands was from Scotland. They were the first in the processional. When they recessed after the short program, they played, "God Bless America." It was a surprise for me and very moving. Everyone stood reverently during their presentation and then applauded in appreciation as they left.

I am not even remotely suggesting that this was as special as the Il Divo quartet in the Coliseum in Rome. The only obscure connection was the bagpipe. It was like looking in a mirror that gives only a very dim (blurred) reflection of something very grand. Ours was just a mini mini teeny tiny experience in comparison.

And here is another place that my thoughts went today. I was reminded of 1 Corinthians 13:12. Our very best understanding of God’s love and things to come are like: “squinting in a fog, peering through a mist . . . “ [The Message] or a “poor reflection as in a mirror . . .” [NIV] or “through a glass, darkly . . .” in comparison to some day when we shall see "face to face!" [KJV]

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Did you ever see a moose?

A few disclaimers:
I will only do one vacation post.
This will be easier to read if you think of the tune,
“Down by the Bay.”
Then again, maybe that won’t help.

On your vacay
Where the moose tales grow
Far from your home
You really must go
And if you do
You surely will say
“Though the signs were profusive
The moose were illusive.”

On your vacay.

Did you hyperventilate
Imagining the skiers fate?

Would you ever dare
Dine in Cabot’s Hardware?

Did you fellowship and praise
Worshipping on Sundays?

Did it give you cause to query
At the Rock of Ages quarry?

Did you marvel at the color
And with glee hug a tree?

Did you learn a Shaker secret
How to increase honey profit?

Was your hubby a happy guy?
When visiting a beekeeper’s supply?

Did you shoot the Nubble Light
And eat sumptuous lobster bites?

Did you use some sensibilty
or Cog ride with no visibility?

On your vacay
You might not know
On a nighttime moose tour
You really must go
And if you do
You just might say
“We watched a bull moose
Courting a she moose!”
On your vacay.

On your vacay
You really must go
To Portland, Maine
On Land and Sea.
And after you do
You surely will say,
“Did you taste Walter’s food.
Just like our Dad,
It’s so good.”

Did you buy a moose head
Or wisely go to bed?

On your vacay
Where strong men heave-ho
To the Highland Games
You really must go
And if you do
You must not flirt
Did you ever see a cop
or get mooned by Scot
Wearing a skirt?

Do not ever taste haggis
But indulge in the shortcakes

On your vacay
Where the waterfalls flow
Deep in the gorge
The Flume you’ll stroll
So much to do
On a sunny day.
Did you rise in the sky
To mountain peaks high?
On your vacay

Did you listen to the moose talk
At the candy store in Woodstock?

Did you love the Bennington Moosefest?
And Grandma Moses, what an artist!

On your vacay
Where the maple syrup flows
Back to your home
You soon must go
But when you do
Your soul will say
"I lift my eyes to the hills
For my cup He fills,
On my vacay!”

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nothing to sneeze about . . .

Look carefully and you will see our Dansfield Beeyard.

I am hopeful for a September honey flow.

Because look at this beautiful haven.

Every direction you look is a bee paradise.

Mostly goldenrod but a few other flowers as well.

If you look closely, I caught four workers in this picture.

They are bringing pollen and nectar in to here.

They don’t quit.

They don't take a break. (They also don't live long.)

Their work is their pleasure.

We are on vacation but they are not!

I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil—this is the gift of God.
Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Somebody Special is Two Today!

Our youngest grandson, Jacob, the little charmer, is celebrating his two year old birthday today!

It is one week after his daddy celebrated his birthday.

Last year, I sent Jacob’s card and gift on the wrong day. For some reason I had it in my head that his birthday was a week later! Oh my—no grandma points were earned for that! Thankfully, he doesn’t hold grudges.

He’s our littlest guy and he is getting skinny—losing baby fat. He looks and sounds just like a little boy. He loves to be silly. He loves to be like Daddy.

He has all of the important language down for his age level: "more," "no," "mine," "wheels on the bus . . ." —really, much more than that, even some sentences.

But here is what really tickles my ears, “Go to Grandma’s House!”

Yay! I will see him in twenty days—not that I’m counting, of course.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Monday, September 14, 2009

So many, many highs!

This was an incredible High! Watching hopeful Olympians practice downhill skiing into a pool at Lake Placid, NY.

In case the video doesn't play, I hope this photo will give you an idea of the height. We held our breath every time!

Here is one guy right after he crawled up the ladder and out of the water. Can you imagine wearing all of that clothing and swimming?

Lou was so brave to ride up the ski lift to see where the Olympian skiers take off.

She admits that the view was worth it!

Although it did take our breath away!

Here we are nearly on top of the world.

Later, Lou and I rode on the top level of the ferry on our ride across Lake Champlain.

We may not come back down to earth for a long time.

The air is a little thin at these heights. Here's hoping that it rubs off on us.