Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nothing to sneeze about . . .

Look carefully and you will see our Dansfield Beeyard.

I am hopeful for a September honey flow.

Because look at this beautiful haven.

Every direction you look is a bee paradise.

Mostly goldenrod but a few other flowers as well.

If you look closely, I caught four workers in this picture.

They are bringing pollen and nectar in to here.

They don’t quit.

They don't take a break. (They also don't live long.)

Their work is their pleasure.

We are on vacation but they are not!

I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil—this is the gift of God.
Ecclesiastes 3:12-13


Wanda said...

Busy Bees...I have the same flowers in my field Brenda...the white ones are Virginia Mountain Mint...I had posted photos back in the summer of this same flower... just covered with busy bees!

Enjoy your vacation!

Teacher's Pet said...

Thanks for those pictures, Brenda....they are beautiful! Brings back a lot of memories.
You have a lot of supers on top of some of those hives...they are working hard, those girs! Thank you again for a lovely post.
Smiles from Jackie

Bernie said...

The photo's and the message are beautiful....that honey makes my mouth water, just one of your many blessings. Have a wonderful vacation ...... :-) Hugs

Diana said...

Thanks to you Brenda I have had honey on my mind a lot lately and I will have to buy some. Your photos were very nice!
Love Di

Brenda said...

What a neat hobby to have. Another blogging friend, Penless Writer, and her husband raise bees. It's fun to read about it from start to fresh honey!

Silver said...

So wonderful to be catching up with reading your older posts.. the pics of your beautiful grandchildren makes me smile.. what a bunch of delight!

Warm thoughts,

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I keep looking to see if you (and Donna) are back....That bee habitat OUGHT to result in SOMEthing! Beautiful. Where does one go to purchase a jar of your honey???

Mummy McTavish said...

I have FINALLY caught up on all your blogging! You've had birthdays and bees and bisitors (okay, that was lame, I just couldnt think of a word for visitors that started with 'B')

So glad to have met some more of your sweet family. What FUN!

Dee said...

Welcome back Brenda, I feel blessed to have you take time to read my blog..and yes Otis is amazing. My daughter thinks i have a special gift with animals,:-) but i don't, i have just been lucky to have smart animals around me. How nice you got to view some real live grandma Moses art work. Her sucess is very inspiring and a wonderful reminder that God will open doors when the time is right. I can see it now ...Grandma and my walker stepping through the door. :-)

Teacher's Pet said...

Brenda.....I miss you....and I hope that you are doing well. Just wanted to stop by and make sure that all "B" well with you and yours.
Smiles from Jackie

Anonymous said...

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