Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yay! Hooray for Honey Day!

One good thing was that we did not have to buy any bottles.

One bad thing is that we had plenty of bottles.

Our honey production was way down this year.

Everything else about our honey extraction day was as it should be—sweet—good—full of delight!

We finally have the procedure down to a efficient system.

The best part of all, the part that makes us smile all evening and for the next day as well was that it was a great family day!

The girls were a great bottling team!

There is nothing more unifying than completing a project together as a team and even better when the team is your family

Grif confessed, “Some people may think this is boring, but I love honey day!”

Then to add frosting to the cake, we celebrated Hale’s birthday.

Hale was happy ecstatic to be nine years old!

I hope you will take time to watch Seamus at work in the videos that I posted. You will smile. His joy in helping is contagious! He truly is sweeter than honey!


Bernie said...

Brenda I had already commented on a previous post how I loved how you had included your family for Honey Day.....I am sorry I spelt Seamus's name wrong....I think I watched them backwards.
Thank you for sharing your Honey Day with your blogging friends, I truly enjoyed watching the video's and hearing your comments on your wonderful day......:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

Well we agree in our thinking... Seamus is sweeter than honey...that's exactly what I commented back there! We do think alike Brenda...Families working together makes work fun!

Brenda said...

Dear Bernie and Wanda,
Thank you for bearing with me as I posted so much at one time. You are dear and faithful. I do so love the little videos of sweet and happy Seamus!I am so glad to be able to share them with someone.

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
I love honey! It looks like a lot of work but a sweet time!
Love Di

Dee said...

You have a really schweeet family. I like the video of the honey cheer. LOL.

Dee said...

Hi Brenda, Thank you for your nice comment about my daughter...We do have to let them fly away, but i need to clarify my little bird is 38. :-)