Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Somebody Special is Two Today!

Our youngest grandson, Jacob, the little charmer, is celebrating his two year old birthday today!

It is one week after his daddy celebrated his birthday.

Last year, I sent Jacob’s card and gift on the wrong day. For some reason I had it in my head that his birthday was a week later! Oh my—no grandma points were earned for that! Thankfully, he doesn’t hold grudges.

He’s our littlest guy and he is getting skinny—losing baby fat. He looks and sounds just like a little boy. He loves to be silly. He loves to be like Daddy.

He has all of the important language down for his age level: "more," "no," "mine," "wheels on the bus . . ." —really, much more than that, even some sentences.

But here is what really tickles my ears, “Go to Grandma’s House!”

Yay! I will see him in twenty days—not that I’m counting, of course.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!


Diana said...

O.K. now I miss baby Jack, I swear I will be calling him that when he's 17 ! How adorable Brenda! I would be counting the days too. And about the birthdate, I keep thinking baby Jack's is a month later than what it is. But at least we catch our mistakes! Nice pictures Brenda.
Love Di

Wanda said...

Happy 2nd birthday to Jacob...such a sweet age!

My first born grandchild always had the first birthday of the year in the family birthdays on Jan. 30th...until grandchild no.6 came along years later...his birthday on the 26th would often sneak up on me.

You are beaming in the photo Brenda...grandkids cause that!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your grandbaby!
20 days to go until you see him......Yea you!!!.....get some gooood shugar. He is soo cute (and the vocabulary is typical: "Mine"..."No" (my grandson thinks his name is "No.")
He'll approach things he knows he's not supposed to touch....shaking his head 'no' the whole time...looking back at me. They are sooooo cute. Why is it I can't spank my grandchildren? It is inherent in grandmoms? Must be...:)))) Hugs to you, Brenda from ~Jackie~ :)))

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday his name. May the next 20 days pass very fast so that you can get that wonderful Grandma hug.....Love the photo's, you all look so happy.
Have a great day......:-) Hugs

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm impressed that you can juggle so many dates and activities - although it would be about impossible to pass up a birthday post about one this precious. The family resemblance is definitely there! Happy birthday, Jacob.

Dee said...

There is something extra special about a two year old...and the most fun of all the birthdays to celebrate. Happy birthday to your little Jacob.