Sunday, September 27, 2009

Did you ever see a moose?

A few disclaimers:
I will only do one vacation post.
This will be easier to read if you think of the tune,
“Down by the Bay.”
Then again, maybe that won’t help.

On your vacay
Where the moose tales grow
Far from your home
You really must go
And if you do
You surely will say
“Though the signs were profusive
The moose were illusive.”

On your vacay.

Did you hyperventilate
Imagining the skiers fate?

Would you ever dare
Dine in Cabot’s Hardware?

Did you fellowship and praise
Worshipping on Sundays?

Did it give you cause to query
At the Rock of Ages quarry?

Did you marvel at the color
And with glee hug a tree?

Did you learn a Shaker secret
How to increase honey profit?

Was your hubby a happy guy?
When visiting a beekeeper’s supply?

Did you shoot the Nubble Light
And eat sumptuous lobster bites?

Did you use some sensibilty
or Cog ride with no visibility?

On your vacay
You might not know
On a nighttime moose tour
You really must go
And if you do
You just might say
“We watched a bull moose
Courting a she moose!”
On your vacay.

On your vacay
You really must go
To Portland, Maine
On Land and Sea.
And after you do
You surely will say,
“Did you taste Walter’s food.
Just like our Dad,
It’s so good.”

Did you buy a moose head
Or wisely go to bed?

On your vacay
Where strong men heave-ho
To the Highland Games
You really must go
And if you do
You must not flirt
Did you ever see a cop
or get mooned by Scot
Wearing a skirt?

Do not ever taste haggis
But indulge in the shortcakes

On your vacay
Where the waterfalls flow
Deep in the gorge
The Flume you’ll stroll
So much to do
On a sunny day.
Did you rise in the sky
To mountain peaks high?
On your vacay

Did you listen to the moose talk
At the candy store in Woodstock?

Did you love the Bennington Moosefest?
And Grandma Moses, what an artist!

On your vacay
Where the maple syrup flows
Back to your home
You soon must go
But when you do
Your soul will say
"I lift my eyes to the hills
For my cup He fills,
On my vacay!”


Wanda said...

Brenda, how on earth did you fit all that in...what an interesting vacay...I so enjoyed all of your photos...with one exception though...and it gave me pause...but I went ahead and enlarged it anyway...Please tell me that wasn't stair steps going up the side of that horrendous rock quarry wall...that is a nightmare photo for thanks alot Brenda...How did you sleep after seeing such a sight? It was beautiful, but could not ever imagine working there...I would need to wear a parachute at all times.
Wonderful Maine Vacation!


Donna's Book Nook said...

Wow! What a great summary! I can't believe--you're becoming a better poet than me!

I think I will write a short post on my blog and refer them to you.

Great post! Donna

Brenda said...

Dear Wanda,
It was sweet of you to read my post and look at the photos! The staircase in the quarry is for emergency purposes only. About 8-12 workers are lowered down into the quarry each morning in a basket attached to a crane. That sounds awful to me as well! It takes about 15 minutes to get to the bottom via the basket. I think they are raised up and lowered down again for lunch and then brought up again at closing. I was so impressed also in the "factory" where the stone and memorials are finished--each one chiseled individually with creative and meticulous care. I was amazed at the whole process!

Brenda said...

No, no, no. I will never be the family poet-you have that role nailed down. I started thinking of Down By the Bay on the way to church this morning-we had to go really early. The hard part was narrowing down which photos to use! I wanted to use so many more! I also forgot a couple of places--not that it matters. I linked to your more explanatary blogs throughout my post. Didn't we have fun!

Bernie said...

I love this post, and how you put it all together for us to see was wonderful.....great poem as well.
Thank you for sharing all your photo's and your vacation.
Enjoy Monday......:-) Hugs

Silver said...

Oh Brenda, that was brilliant! It was a wow! I love what you wrote- it's so fun filled and the pics are great!

wishing you a wonderful week ahead, my dear ;)


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Just amazing! I really TRY to get over being amazed at your experiences & ability to communicate them, but I can't help myself! How cleverly put. What awesome sights & sites.

And no. I don't have 8 blogs. One was a failed try that I don't know how to delete & the other one is a trial place where I (from time to time) try out blogging techniques w/o messing up anything on one of my "real" ones.

Teacher's Pet said...

The poet shows her stuff!! Grand job!!! Absolutely grand job....
That had to have taken a lot of time and work....weaving the words and the photos together brilliantly....I love your blog!
(I am fascinated by the photo of the quarry....and I've never seen a moose! I would probably faint!)

Diana said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely Brenda. You are so lucky to go to such a fun and beautiful spot. I loved the sign of the moose that looked like it was eating a car! Also, did you get to go up in the lighthouse? I love lighthouses and would someday love to go up in one! Thanks for sharing the experience!
Love Di
P.S. I loved how you posted all so poetically!

Brenda said...

Hi Diane,
I must admit that we did not actually see the corner moose sign that you liked--except in a gift store. We did see all of the others on the roads that we drove--including the large Brake for Moose sign. And, no, we did not actually go up in a lighthouse--although I think that we saw at least 5 different ones. As far as the poetry goes, it is pretty weak and especially because several people have told me they never heard of the ditty, "Down by the Bay." Oh well, it was fun to do. One of the athletes when he lost at a game really did moon the crowd but he had shorts or something on underneath his kilt. It was funny.

Mummy McTavish said...

Well done, that was great! I do have one problem with it though...


Diana said...

Hi Brenda ,
I had to come back to tell you that I do know the song "Down by the Bay".
I love that song,it's a catchy little tune!
Love Di

Dee said...

Poetry, wonderfull photography of your vacay...I am so HAPPY i stopped by.

Brenda said...

That was awesome the way you presented your post! Loved it!

Jerry said...

Looks like some great time together. Jerry & Lisa Winkley

Jacquelyn said...

Wow, I'm just catching up here...looks like you had a great time! HEY! That church looks like THE CHAPEL in Akron Ohio?????