Monday, September 14, 2009

To set the record straight . . .

In Chicago last month, with my nephew and his family, his son, TJ--in the red shirt--quietly corrected people when they referred to me as Aunt Brenda. I heard him say under his breath, “Great Aunt Brenda.”

TJ was just clarifying that I was NOT his dad’s sister, rather his grandma’s sister.

And I don’t blame him a bit for wanting to be perfectly clear, and neither will anyone when you see this beautiful photo of TJ’s Aunt Amy and Aunt Dawn.

I thought about TJ using the precisely correct verbage recently when my sisters visited. My sister, Lou, explained to my friend Lois that we sisters are all three years apart in age. I thought, but held my explanation, “Actually, three and a half years.” You see my one sister was born in 1941, the other in 1944 but I however, was born in 1948. My brother was born in 1951.

For years, I told people that Lou was seven years older and Donna was four years older and Lowell was three years younger, particularly because one friend always thought I was the oldest sibling!

Truth be told, since they all have fall birthdays and my birthday is in the spring, Lou is 6 ½ years older than I, Donna is 3 ½ years older than I and Lowell is 3 ½ years younger than I. Both of my sisters are definitely that much older and wiser than I. Lowell is another story, his youth probably also reflects that he is a tidge less wise—okay just kidding. We are still praising him for his wisdom in handling my Dad’s estate so efficiently and wisely.

Today is Donna’s birthday—a milestone of sorts. I always love occasions when I get to publish old photos. She is amazing—kind, godly, a farmer’s wife, a retired nurse, a faithful mother, intelligent, resilient, and so much more . . . including a blogger.

To be perfectly clear, I am glad that you are my sister.

Hope your day is great and full of surprises!

Happy Birthday, Donna!


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Donna!
Love Di

Donna's Book Nook said...

I didn't read this until after I talked to you on the phone. Thanks for the birthday tribute! Bob must have allowed you to use his computer!).

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Donna and many, many more. How blessed you are to have such a close relationship with your siblings....hope your day is wonderful.....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Brenda....what a sweet post and tribute to your family!!
I love the black and white photographs!!
Happy birthday to Donna!
Smiles from Jackie

Dee said...

You guys were really cute...I just love old family photos.Thanks for the heads up on it being Donna's birthday...i am going to head over to her blog and sing to her...:-)

Wanda said...


I can tell from Brenda's previous posts what a nice and warm person you are...also I remember Rebecca was so grateful for the vegetables you gave her...enjoy your "birthday week Donna!"

I always wished my parents had named me Donna! Remember the song "Oh Donna"...I had a girl...Donna was her name...since she left me...I haven't been the same......I loved it!