Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Many Moms Still Bless

This picture of my mother and sister Donna (on the right) and myself was taken in 1950. Mom loved us unconditionally and faithfully taught us how to live and love God. She was a great cook, and a student of the Bible all of her life. She was a good teacher, good at grammar, and a good seamstress. I often wish that I could still ask questions of her. I miss my mom.

Then came my mother-in-law--probably the best MIL ever. She is in the middle of the picture. It is always a delight to spend time with her. She is wonderful— kind, gracious, lovely, and godly! This photo is from 1971.

What a privilege and gift from God to become a mother and have two sons! This photo was taken on Mother's Day 1978. The boys--okay men--bless me regularly. I love them very much. I am so proud of the daddies that they have become.

In 1989, we got a new stepmom, Kay. She just went to be with Jesus on January 1 of this year. My Dad and Kay were married over 19 years. Kay was such a gracious, kind, loving woman. We all miss her. This picture was taken in 1991. Imagine taking on a family of this size when she was accustomed to a small family!

Today on Mother's Day, I miss my mom and stepmom. I thought often of my mother-in-law. I missed my sons, their wives, and my grandchildren — one family lives hundreds of miles east and one family lives even farther west. I did get to watch a very funny short video of grandaughter, Lilly that is worth checking out! Here is a picture of Brad and Nicole's kids that I also saw today for the first time. I took this from Nicole's facebook. It is too cute to keep to myself.

God is good! In June of 1996, I had the privilege of becoming a stepmom and stepgrandma! What a huge blessing today to spend the day with my wonderful stepfamily! I often wish that I could completely claim them as my own blood. I should have taken photos of all of the women but at least I got one picture of my delightful stepgrandchildren. My prayer for them is that they will all put their trust in God and follow Him all the days of their lives.


Donna's Book Nook said...
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Donna's Book Nook said...

I had written a comment earlier, but I deleted it, as I was having a pity party at the time, and it was sort of a depressing comment. I missed my moms yesterday also, and my daughter. I am just very blessed to have the wonderful memories that I do for all of them. Donna

Rebecca said...

I didn't know your mother long - basically those two years I was in high school in Archbold. However, I will never forget her Sunday School teaching. As I remember her, I believe you have many of your mother's finest qualities (though Donna definitely favors her in appearance)!

Wanda said...

The photo of you and your sons shows how much they resemble very cute and such a sweet video of your g/daughter...loved the fall at the end...Very nice family photos.