Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family — one of God's masterpieces

It is a profound miracle when
family bonds weave beyond themselves
and bind us into true friendship.

Dedication by
Shauna Niequist,
Cold Tangerines


Wanda said...

Always nice to see loving families getting together for a celebration...Happy looking people!

Bernie said...

Such a beautiful family, brings joy to my heart to see everyone together looking so happy...:-) Hugs

Rebecca said...

Gary and I spent a few minutes trying to figure out the family. Is Tanyale Dawn's oldest? And who are the two young couples in the 2nd or 3rd picture? (If you don't mind letting us know....) It looks like the weather cooperated beautifully. So happy for your family that celebrates these occasions with gusto!

Diana said...

Dear Brenda, Isn't funny how we always focus and look forward to, time spent with family? They can be a true joy!

Teresa said...

Hi There,
I just stopped by, and I think families are God's Masterpieces too! You have a beautiful and very happy looking family...You are truly blessed.


Humble wife said...

Hi Brenda!
Thank you for visiting my farm blog!!

I love this post, and I cherish family so so much! What a life you have led thus far, and the blessings are clearly in this post!

So here's a tidbit of commonality: I grew up on a farm in NW Ohio!! I am going to visit for a bit and am certain it will be a blessing to me!
Double Nickel Farm

Lynn said...

Inspiring....and wonderful!

Love you!