Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love is Blooming

It was fun to make simple inexpensive wedding shower favors using little flower plants. Using my senior discount I bought the plants at Prosek's Greenhouse in Winfield, IL for 33 cents per plant, including taxes. We watered them well, cut apart the individual plastic trays and let them sit overnight. The next morning we wrapped the bottoms with a piece of plastic wrap, put a small square of wrapping paper around the plants, and tied a piece of raffia into a bow. We assembled the favors two days early and the flowers were still damp and perky for the shower. To personalize the favors, we attached a little homemade sticker. The favors, though not a practical gift did make the tables look happy and festive. Are shower favors supposed to be practical?

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Donna's Book Nook said...

Where do you get your ideas? Those are so cute! No wonder you are in demand for these kind of events! Donna