Friday, May 22, 2009

Shout Out for Cheri

It is with great joy that I post about the Teacher of the Year. First of all, Cheri is a Christ follower. She lives to serve God and desires above all to live in obedience. Her joy is contagious. Cheri is a creative, dedicated teacher. Her life, her teaching and her testimony have had a great impact on many children and adults.

In addition to teaching 7th and 8th grade math, Cheri is the Math Counts coach. On Sundays, Cheri leads our Adult Community in prayer. Anyone in the class with a prayer request or need contacts Cheri. On Tuesdays, she is a Bible study facilitator, contacting each of her small group each week. All of this and more she accomplishes even though Cheri lives with Parkinson ’s disease and chronic arthritic pain.

At least one day per week, she spends time with her daughters, son-in-law and grandson. Cheri and her husband, Mike have an observable sweet and caring relationship. Each Thursday, at 6:30 a.m. Cheri and I meet to talk about our week and pray together. I am challenged and inspired by her faith, her love for her family and concern for her students. I am honored to be her friend and greatly treasure her friendship!

Yay Cheri! May God bless you and give you more opportunities to speak of Him because of this special honor!

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Bernie said...

Brenda you are very blessed to have a friend like Cheri, please give her my congratulations. It's so good to know that we have such beautiful Christian people teaching our children. Thank you for sharing....:-) Hugs