Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seamus Says . . .

It was a wonderful Grandma Day! Whew! I have brain cramp from translating, my ears are still adjusting to quiet and I am tired. I learned some things that I did not know. There are a few pieces of information that I don’t think Seamus has quite right. I discovered that he might make a good attorney. In a few ways, especially in the area of food and regular snacks, he is a man after my own heart. I am amazed at his capacity for running and jumping and exploring. I tried—really tried to limit my photos. The rest of you may quit right now. This is probably only of interest to Grandma and Mom.

Cantigny (Wednesday afternoon)

Grandma: Do you have any ideas for our Grandma Day or would you like me to choose or should I give you some choices?
Seamus: Choices work for me.

Grandma: You are scaring me!
Seamus sweetly: Sahway [Sorry]
Seamus later: Why am I scaring you?
Grandma: Because I am worried that you are going to fall and get hurt.
Seamus: I won’t.

Seamus: I am going to follow this river and find out where it ends.
Grandma (after following it for awhile): Too bad we won’t be able to find the end because we can’t go over that fence.

Seamus: (much later at a clay pot water fountain): Grandma! Grandma! I found it! Here is where the river ended and it is bubbling out into these pots!

Seven Gables Park Early Thursday

Seamus: In the morning at breakfast, shadows are long and are on one side of you. At lunch time they are very small or almost none at all and they are right under you. At dinner time, the shadow is long again but it is on the other side of you.
Grandma: Wow! I am impressed! How did you learn all of that?
Seamus: From my imbisible book.
Grandma: You seem to learn lots from invisible books.
Seamus: Yes, I have lots of imbisible books about everything. Except the Bible. I lost my imbisible Bible.

Seamus: I said, “Quack, quack” to the ducks so they would not swim away. Then I said, “Quack, quack” to tell them it was okay to swim away. I know duck language because I read it in my imbisible book. See?

Why are you so slow Grandma? I know. It is because you broke your leg.

Car Conversations

Grandma: It is going to be kind of a long ride to the zoo. What should we take along? CD’s? Toys? Books?
Seamus: No, we don’t need those. Just food.

Seamus: Do you know what close to means?
Grandma: Yes.
Seamus: What?
Grandma: Near
Seamus: What else does it mean?
Grandma: By?
Seamus: What else?
Grandma: Beside? I don’t know. What else does it mean?
Seamus: Far away! You forgot far away! See, when we are close to the car, we are far away from the trees so it means far away!
Grandma: I never would have guessed that one, Seamus.
Seamus: That’s okay. You got all the other answers.

Seamus (after singing a song with unintelligible silly words): I made up that song.
Grandma: I knew you made that one up.
Seamus: Do you know all the songs that there are?
Grandma: No.
Seamus: Then how do you know that I made up that song. Maybe it was one you did not know? So how do you know that I made it up?
Grandma: You got me there. I guess the only way I could be sure is that you told me.
Seamus: Yes, I did.

Everything that I learned in Preschool is what I already knew . . . but the good thing is that you get to have a snack but not for awhile.

Grandma: What is the name of your street?
Seamus: I don’t know but I know my address, # FR Drive
Grandma: Well then the name of your Street is FR Drive
Seamus: No, no, no. My sidewalk is called FR and my street is called Drive or maybe it is the other way around but I think that’s right.

Seamus: I am trying not to suck my thumb but it is just too hard for me.
Grandma: Some things are really hard for me, too.

Seamus: The superpowers that I want to have are speed and invincible. You have to combine your DNA to make you speedy and invincible and somehow I just don’t know how to do it?

Seamus: My brain is scientist. My ears are scientist. My eyes are scientist. My whole body is scientist!
Grandma: So you are a scientist.
Seamus: No! I am not a scientist. Just my body is a scientist.

Brookfield Zoo (Thursday, 10:00 - 1:30)

Don't worry! Don't worry! It isn't real! His legs don't move!

I can scare these insects away. All I have to do is stare at them and they go away!

Morton Arboretum (Thursday, 2:00 - 4:30)

Did you know moving your body is called exercise? That is what I am doing. I am doing lots of exercise!

Seamus: I am a really good jumper.
Grandma: You practice a lot.

Seamus: I have more booboos on my body than anyone in my whole family.
Grandma: That is why I was worried that you would fall.
Seamus: I don’t fall when I am climbing and jumping. I only fall when I am walking.

Grandma caught the first tadpoles and passed them on to Seamus. First he needed to be reassured that tadpoles do not bite-because they do not have teeth and because they only eat plants. Soon he was successfully catching them on his own.

Seamus: When I am grown up, I am going to have a job at the Arboretum working with the tadpoles.

Seamus: I got Fowror [four] one time. I got free [three] doubles—that means two. I got more than 10 ones—more than all the first numbers. [meaning numbers 1-9]

Seamus: For all my Grandma Days forever, I am coming to the Arboretum!


Wanda said...

I'm a gramma so I totally enjoyed your post...he is ALL boy...they will hang over, climb, explore, and touch anything...At first I thought he was taking a sip of water in the tadpole g/mother to 6 boys I know it could happen :)...He was wonderful to watch...a cute and bright little boy!!!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Can I have a gramma day too? I know I'm a little old for it, But I don't think I've ever caught tadpoles--how cool!

What a fun day!

Diana said...

Grandma Brenda you are so cool! But I'll bet you are tired as well!! Loved your photos grandma.

Rebecca said...

I just want to remember every little thing the boy said! A-ma-zing! How wise you are to record & document so much of your day. Makes me very anxious to see our grandchildren this summer!

Brenda said...

Yes, Seamus is such a joy! I have thought of several more mini conversations that I forgot to include.

I do empathize with you missing your grandkids! I am forever and eternally grateful for these dear, wonderful step grands but oh, sometimes I am so sad that I cannot have the same experiences with my blood grands. God is good to give me such joy in my stepfamily!

Mom/Barb said...

I was chuckling reading this, but getting tired for you too! They are lucky to have you for a g-ma!!