Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yahoo! She got that wrong!

Yesterday in the midst of dirt and grass seed and craft supplies and four children, I got a phone call from a realtor asking if she could bring someone by today to see our home. Now mind you, our house is not listed with a realtor, nor is there a sign in the front yard. However, I did tell our Bunco group and a few other people that if someone were to give us a good offer on our house, we would sell because we are ready to downsize. But I haven’t quite got Bob figured out.

Bob talks seriously about selling our home. He talks about having me make a brochure and sticking it in our front yard. He talks about listing our home with a realtor. He mentions that although everyone perceives that houses do not sell in January, in fact, many homes do sell in January. He talks about getting someone in to strip our kitchen wallpaper and paint. But when I arrange to have someone look at our home, he does not like it. He thinks it is not ready yet. But I argue, “If they are ready to buy now, why don’t we let them take a look?” Because he says, “We only want serious buyers.” Okay, but we were not serious when we came to look at our home and we bought it the same day. My argument is, “What do we have to lose?” I think his argument is, “We are not ready to have people looking.”

With all of that in mind, I told the realtor that I would like to check with my husband first. Bob was not in a position where he could take a call so I left a message. About this time I did some fantasizing about our house selling and me telling Bob, “Guess what? I sold our home today!” My dear cousin, Lynn, actually did that! She was having a garage sale and sold her home! Her husband came home after work and that is exactly what she said, “Guess what? I sold our home today.” Imagine that!

Then I started thinking about the Proverbs 31 wife. She buys; she sells; her kids call her amazing; her husband is proud of her. Wow! Then I thought of the football cheer, “Charge!” I was so psyched that after not hearing back from Bob for about a half hour, I called the realtor and said, “Sure, bring your buyers to see our home. What time would you like to come?”

Later Bob called. I told him. His response was less than enthusiastic. “I don’t think you should let anyone see the house until Krystyna cleans.” Krystyna cleaned Bob and Dee’s home many years ago. When I married him, he told me that Krystyna came with the marriage. I was thrilled. She is great but she is not scheduled to come and clean here for another ten days. I told Bob, that I was sure I could handle it. Hmmm the phone was pretty quiet. Nonetheless, I was undaunted.

So today, I polished and shined and swept and washed the kitchen floor on my knees. I shoveled the driveway and then shoveled most of it and the sidewalks again. I even cleared the deck, in case the buyers wanted to get a better look at the backyard. And then they came.

They looked and inspected and opened cupboards and closets. They even inspected pictures because the woman said, “You have many grandsons but only three granddaughters.” They went in the basement and the garage. They looked and loved it. Well actually, they did not actually say that but those were the vibes that I was getting. The woman did say that she liked my decorating.

Nope, no offer. I haven’t heard back but get this. When they were in the entry way putting their shoes on to leave, the woman actually and truly said this, “I can see you are a neatnik just like me.” I am not kidding! She really said that! Those were her exact words.

I cannot wait to tell Bob! I feel just like Eliza Doolittle—well almost.

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