Saturday, January 12, 2008

Real Men . . .

My dear hubby, Bob, and I and three other couples will complete a 10 week Bible study this week. On the cover of the workbook, are the words, A Women’s In-depth Study. Not only that, the study is 14 years old—which is totally reflected in the corny introductions of each lesson and in the hair and dress styles. From time to time we chuckle at things in the dated video. Even so, the men have faithfully completed every lesson. Since he travels, Bob often does his study on the airplane or in a business club room. He is not apologetic and says that he has learned much. All of the men say that they have enjoyed the study. Bob is willing to do another study whether taught by or for men or by or for women as long as the focus is on God’s word. These men also eat quiche and drink tea. I don’t think they wear pink.

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