Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Containing Myself:Tips

Thinking that people might start looking in my closets, I decided to get organized. Humiliation is a good motivator for me. I had always used cardboard boxes of various sizes—preferring the large boxes from copy stores for reams of paper because they have good lids. However, since I wrote the contents with magic markers and then crossed out the writing various times, I had to actually dig through boxes to locate my stored items. This time, I decided to go with clear plastic containers.

  1. No matter what, you will spend a small fortune on the large plastic containers. However, they do vary quite a bit in price. If you are not in a hurry, it is worth shopping around and worth watching for sales. I have to act when the spirit is motivated because organization for me is a bit like dieting. It only happens for me when the switch is turned on and I still don’t know after all of these years what flips the switch. When I went out to buy bins, I was focused. I was willing to go through high wind, rain, snow or sleet to get my containers. Cost was not an obstacle until I started off right away at the Container store. Whew! It was like running into a brick wall at full speed! Goodness these are glorified boxes! However, I recovered and came home with 30, mind you 30, containers! And that was just for the basement. I had already organized one of the closets. Target did happen to have some on sale but still I am wondering if we should consider raising our home owners insurance.
  2. Not all containers are equal. There are many sizes and shapes. Some containers have slanted sides. I do not know why? One of my daughters-in-law is very particular about lids. That did not seem too important to me—maybe I will regret that later. There are many choices. I did not buy any bins from Wal-Mart because someone else had bought out most of the sizes that would work for me. Cost was similar to Target. I wanted to buy where there was a good supply so that if I ran out, I could get the same kind. I think some of my hubby’s characteristics are rubbing off on me. He would deny that I am sure. Measure the height and width of your shelves before leaving home. I got lucky on this one.
  3. The best quality bins were from the Container Store. I bought a few from there to see if I liked them better. I found the plastic is better and less likely to crack but decided that I could live with a lesser quality.
  4. Look at every container even if you are hurrying. It is faster than a return. A couple of the containers that I bought from Target in the middle of the pile, already had cracks in them.
  5. When they politely say at the counter, “Would you like help getting these to your car?” Say, “yes.” I didn’t and so I know my husband will soon be saying, “Where did you get that bruise?”
  6. If your husband is a “neatnik”, prewarn him, “This is going to get worse before it gets better.” Say that many times. If he comes home in the middle of the day, to check on your progress, have smelling salts and water nearby. Bob did not faint but he did go white on me.

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Kathi said...

Great job, Brenda! I am impressed and inspired! Kathi :-)