Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can't stop admiring my organized labeled basement!

After my containers were filled, I was not content. My handwriting is poor and the masking tape labels did not measure up to the stellar job that I had just completed. I work hard at not being a Messy. I went to Staples, Office Depot and Office Max looking for some large labels. I need removable labels because I change my mind on label names. A box filled with Christmas lights one year might get put in the Christmas candles box next year. The best I could do at those office supply stores were diminutive removable file folder labels not befitting my hefty containers. I checked on and found what I was looking for but it took me several searches so I thought I would pass on this information. The labels that really work great are Avery 6464. Do not confuse them with Avery 5164 because those labels are not removable. I ordered my labels on Friday and had them on Monday! I was rewarded with a happy hubby smile.

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