Friday, January 4, 2008

Debriefing Christmas

I argued with myself yesterday regarding writing one last Christmas blog. Andy and Amy went back to their home in NC yesterday. It is hard for me to move on. While taking down the Christmas tree I played an old Kenny Rogers cd.

Come and gather around at the table
In the spirit of family and friends
And we'll all join hands and remember this moment
'Til the season comes 'round again.

Let's all try to smile for the picture
And we'll hold it as long as we can
May it carry us through
Should we ever get lonely
'Til the season comes 'round again.

May the new-year be blessed with good tidings
'Til the next time I see you again
And we'll all join hands and remember this moment
And we'll love and we'll laugh
In the time that we had
'Til the season comes 'round again.

If we must say goodbye
Let the spirit go with you
'Til the season comes 'round again...

So as that song played, One Last 2007 Christmas Blog won the argument. So here’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of my Christmas.

Good: Hors D’oeuvres recipes
These three simple and delicious recipes made a hit.
Next year: I will use them again.

Crab Spread
1 pkg cream cheese
2 cans crab meat
1 jar shrimp & seafood sauce
Layer these on a flat dish or Christmas plate.
Serve with crackers.

Artichoke Dip
1 can artichoke hearts (drained and chopped)
12 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup parmesan cheese
1 cup mayonnaise
dash garlic salt
Mix together and heat at 350° for 25 minutes until bubbly. Serve with rye chips or crackers. (Be careful not to get the mayonnaise on the sides of the dish when heating the dip.)

Christmas Guacamole Dip
16 oz. container prepared guacamole
8 oz package cream cheese
1 cup sun-dried cranberries or cherries
Juice from one lime
2-3 large T. chopped cilantro
Mix all ingredients together and serve with colored corn chips.

Bad: We did not get a family picture of Andy, Amy, Ryan and Jacob. The above picture was taken just before they went through security at the airport today.
Next year: I will take a family picture of Andy, Amy, Ryan and Jacob at the first possible opportunity and continue to photograph them as a family at every possible opportunity.

Ugly: My Christmas sweater—that I will admit to putting on one time before I carefully folded it and put it away. I really had wanted a Christmas sweater for a long time before I got one and then I was so happy to have one.
Next year: I will try to throw it out or maybe that will be the following year. (I am still not 100% convinced.)

Good: Playing with the nativity sets with Ryan.

Next year: We will play with them again and again and Jacob can join us!

Bad: I did not build a snowman with Ryan or take him on a sled ride.

Next year: If there is snow of any kind—even if it doesn’t pack, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that we play in the snow!

Ugly? Dryed up poinsettias.

Actually, they are still a little pretty. I am having trouble coming up with another ugly. Maybe it is time to stop playing this game.
Next year: I will try to give my flowers a drink more regularly.

Good: Everything else.

My grandkids, relatives and friends, the gatherings, the worship services, the decorations, the snow, the lights, the music, the cards, the games—everything was wonderful!
Next year? I am not sure that anything can surpass the joys of this year.

Great: God’s great gift to us in sending His Son.

The words of a verse of a song called Christmas Makes Me Cry by Mandisa and Matthew West was on the radio a few times this season and particularly spoke to my heart. This Christmas, I was reminded that we are richly blessed and undeservedly, but incredibly, loved!

I think of Mary and the virgin birth
And I’m amazed at how much
God thinks we’re worth
That He would send His only Son to die
And sometimes Christmas makes me cry.

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Penny said...

Brenda I love the way you see things through your heart as well as your eyes. I enjoyed reading "debriefing Christmas." We should all take the time to think about the time spent with family and friends as well as the preparation for the holiday and reflect on how it makes us feel. A discussion for another time....what is it about your Christmas sweater that you think is ugly?