Saturday, January 26, 2008

Never ever again. I promise!

It took me awhile to get the courage to write this blog. Tuesday, Steven, David and Jessica came to my house because they did not have school and Patti was working. Steven and Kent had dentist’s appointments at noon. I was to take Steven for his dentist appointment and Kent would be dropped off by his friend’s mother at the dentist. After his appointment, he would come home with me and the other children.

I had not prepared for lunch before the children arrived. I knew that all of them like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I decided to drop Steven (12 years old) for his appointment and then run to the Jewel which is two blocks from the dentist office for some soup and cheese and then go back and wait for the boys. Jessica and David did not want to go with me to the Jewel because the dentist office is fun. They have movies and a computer with games. These children are exceptionally good kids. I remembered when Patti went to a doctor appointment and follow ups following foot surgery, the receptionists often marveled at how nicely her children behaved. I was not going to be gone very long and so I dropped all three kids at the dentist office. Much to my embarrassment, when I got back to the dentist, Patti was in the waiting room. The receptionist had called Patti to come because the dentist will not work on any child if there is not a responsible adult in the office. Patti, inconvenienced and on her lunch break, responded graciously saying, “I was a little surprised that you would drop the children off here alone.”

I did replay that several times in my mind. I totally should have known not to drop the children off! I am thankful for mercy. The children were still able to have their checkups. Patti did trust me with the children for the rest of the day.

This is the best part. Last night with three other couples, someone happened to share a story about not using good judgment so I shared this story. My dear friends said that they might have done the same thing. Times have really changed since we had kids. They related other times where people do drop their children off—the barber, the library, swim lessons, etc. Also, the Jewel is very close to the dentist’s office. They laughed at my irresponsibility and understood. Isn’t that what friends are for!

Now, just in case Patti reads this? I am not going to ever, never, ever do that again!

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