Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Doll!

This doll, Morgan is about to celebrate her 10th birthday. It was my special privilege to have a Grandma Day with Morgan on Sunday and Monday. Morgan Dee is such a delight! I enjoy so many things about Morgan! She is creative, dramatic, and such a girl! She is sweet, thoughtful, and responsible. She is passionate, empathetic, and idealistic. She makes me smile. She is easy to love.

I love that Morgan loves American Girl dolls. I loved AG dolls as soon as I learned about them years ago and could not wait until I could buy one for a granddaughter. As a little girl I always loved babies and dolls and little kittens and spent hours playing mommy. I begged and begged for a new doll when I was twelve years old for Christmas. Of course, I did not receive a doll although I hoped for one until the last present was opened. Mother had decided that I was too old to play with dolls anymore. Much later, when I was grown with children of my own, my mother told me that she regretted not buying me a doll that year. Me, too. It was nice know that. All that is just to say, it is with great pleasure that I get to see Morgan loving a doll. I understand!

Much to my disappointment, my stepdaughters-in-law, requested that I not buy their daughters an AG doll—for very good, practical, logical reasons. They are both wonderful and wise mothers! Susan wanted her own mother to have that special privilege which I totally understood. I will wait and see if there is an opportunity to buy an AG doll for Lilly. However, I won’t get my hopes up because early indicators are that she has very little interest in dolls. She is more likely to want a light saber, or a pirate’s sword, or a witch’s hat.

In November while looking for items for the Christmas Teas, I was in a resale shop and saw an American Girl doll with several outfits. I stood and pondered,“Should I? Should I not?” for some time. I left the shop but I just couldn’t stand it and so after one more stop, I went back in and bought this sweet little Molly (or so I thought--with her glasses and outfit) for me for when children come to play. And so it brings me great joy when Morgan and Jessica come to my house and bring their dolls and play with my doll. They have totally adopted her as a sweet little cousin for their own dolls. When the girls are together, the dolls go out to eat with us, have beds beside their beds on pillows at night. The dolls are read to, misbehave, fed, get cleaned up and have their outfits changed several times per day depending on our activities. The dolls are nurtured and loved. My heart is full as I watch them play!

And that was Morgan’s choice for her Grandma Day—to have Jessica join her on Sunday and stay overnight and do projects and play with the dolls. Then on Monday, Jessica went home and to another birthday party and Morgan and I went into the city with Morgan’s AG doll, Carly and with Molly. We went to a the Lincoln Park zoo, a horse show--The Quadrille at the Noble Horse Theatre, and then took Molly and Carly for a visit to the American Girl Store. Morgan wanted us to check if Molly could get her hair styled or a new head so that she would look a little better. What we discovered was that my doll is Samantha! A true case of mistaken identity! Definitely not Molly because Molly has gray eyes and Samantha’s are brown. Of course! We should have known that! She is one of the early American Girl dolls and looks completely different than today’s Samantha but she is definitely Samantha. At the doll hospital, they recommended that we leave Samantha exactly as she is or just style her hair because she is more special because she is not new. Morgan immediately renamed her, Sami—even though it was hard to give up the name Molly.

As I was driving Morgan home after our special day, Morgan said, “Grandma, you need to take care of Sami. Change her clothes and take care of her.” I asked if I could take care of Sami like one can take care of Webkinz. If you put Webkinz to bed, they can sleep and you don’t have to take care of them again for up to three months. Morgan plead on behalf of Sami. “Grandma, you need to take care of her more often than that!” Which is why—I am explaining to you—I just got Sami ready for bed. She looks darling. She is tucked in warm and cozy and dreaming of playing with Carly again soon. Thanks Morgan for all of the joy! Don’t grow up too fast! Happy Birthday!

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