Saturday, January 12, 2008

And a Good Night to You

My husband frequently uses little sayings to make a point.

More ___________ than Carter's little liver pills.

Cuter than a bug’s ear.

He was vacinated with a victrola needle.

Hold her Newt. She smells oats.

How cold is it? It is colder than a well diggers earlobe in the Klondike.

Good Gracious, Gertie!

Today Bob was talking about something that he would really like to buy. I didn’t think that we needed it and so Bob relented. He said, “Like a hot flash, it will pass.”

Later when referring to a couple of phone calls, he said, “They are just tire kickers.” He must of heard that one from one of his early jobs as a car salesman.

About the only phrase I remember is from one of my favorite movies Princess Bride. I often repeat it to Bob before we go to sleep. I will let you fill in the blanks. “Sleep well, and dream of ________ ________.”

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