Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chew On This!

Tonight at a meeting at church, I learned something really vital. I must have been dozing or on vacation when this important bit of information became common knowledge. It was mentioned offhandedly tonight as if everyone but I had prior knowledge. Probably, I intuitively knew it also, because it is something that I often do. Now that I think about it, I must have known that it was effective. So just in case you were as unaware as me, here is the scoop: Chewing helps organize and calm the nervous system. Look at this great list of suggested items to chew: chewing gum, fruit leather, licorice, gummy bears, or crunchy snacks such as pretzels or carrots. Yahoo! Feeling a bit muddled in the mind and having used all of my elixir, (See this post.) I rushed home and made some popcorn (that comes under crunchy snacks). I was an eager, willing and happy guinea pig. (Pun intended.) Now I am writing a blog and so therefore my mind must no longer be muddled. The empirical data on this important theory has just been tested. Based on personal observation and experience, it is accurate. Ain’t life grand!

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