Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trotting the Turkey Trot

My biggest fan--also my only fan.
I am thankful for my good hubby!

Whether to sign up for a Turkey Trot is not nearly such a big decision as which Trot to join. We opted for the closer, and earlier start time, in Naperville so I could get home to prepare the Thanksgiving Day meal. I like it alot that race is not in the name. It is a Trot. Surely anyone can do a trot—even if they are a bit overweight and have not trained regularly, right? After all—it is a trot—for turkeys—like me.

My walking partner, Lois and her sister, Nancy decided to coach me through the Trot. Lois is much younger than I and her sister is even younger. It is a bit humbling to be in the company of these girls that are pure, lean muscle for something resembling a race. I am not sure why they took me on. . . I hope that I make them feel exceptionally fit and strong by comparison.

I panted and answered questions in an average of four word sentences (up one word since two weeks ago) and went my good old steady trotting pace.

Here is what Lois and Nancy did:

  • They laughed lots!
  • They commented on weather, homes, thanksgiving, relatives, and costumes.
  • They got tickled at themselves.
  • They sang their whole repertoire of Christmas songs—even a few notes in harmony.
  • They talked on their cell phones—several times. “What did we ever do before cell phones!”
  • Nancy’s husband, Pat, called after finishing the race (for him it was a race vs. a trot) in 22 minutes. Nancy responded, “No, no, we are only about to the 2nd mile marker. Well, we are going pretty slow—” then glancing at me and seeing that I was still able to hear above my pants, corrected herself by saying, “Moderate. Yes, really moderate.”
  • They removed their sweatshirts without ever skipping a beat.
  • They took pictures.
  • They did an add-on story about three sisters: LuLu, MuMu and Sissy.
  • They laughed lots!
  • They each told a scary story stretching it into the long version about not being able to find their kids for a few brief moments yesterday.
  • They talked about weekend plans.

We all smelled the pancakes and knew we were close to the post race breakfast. And then we were at the finish line. How quickly the time passed! This was definitely my most amusing 5K! Sadly, I set a new record for my slowest 5K. In addition this was a very flat course with not even one bump. So next year, I will weigh 20 pounds less. I will train religiously. I will be able to laugh and sing and go faster. I will. . . Whew. . .I have at least 6 weeks until New Year’s resolutions come due.

Okay, for right now I will be glad. Of the trotters in my age bracket, I am in the middle 31/68. For today, I can celebrate that I did the Trot! I will give thanks for all of my body parts that still work. I will give thanks for friends that sacrifice their own run times to keep me entertained. Life is good—very good!

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