Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Can't Get Enough!

Spending time with Nicole and Jackson and Lilly is very special. I am so happy to see them! I never get tired of hearing, “I love you Grandma.” “I love you Grandpa Mack.” Lilly prayed, “Give my daddy strength for today that is not his own.” Jackson sang the Sparkie song and said some of the verses that he memorized. The children have grown so much. They are doing so many things that I did not even know that they could do already.

Lilly loves to write—every opportunity she gets. Her drawings and letter writing are adorable! (Notice her own name a couple of times. My name is on the bottom just change those last two "n's" to "m's" and it says Grandma Mac.)

Jackson reads everything. I already knew that but it is different to experience it! They are both so full of hugs and kisses. They bless us over and over.

They play together so well and swim like little fish. They buckle their own seatbelts.

Here are some things I learned or at least got a new perspective on from being with Nicole, Jackson and Lilly.

Lilly on Life:
When ants won’t let go of a piece of ham, they get thrown away, too, when you throw the ham away because they won’t let go.

Don’t pee in the bushes just for fun. If the potty is locked or if there isn’t a potty and you have to go really bad, you can pee in the bushes but we don’t pee in the bushes just for fun.

Another Life Lesson: We all spill.

Jackson: “Oh, no. I spilled your smoothie. That was my fault.” (peach and strawberry—only half gone)
Nicole: “Jackson, who spills?”
Jackson: “Everybody”
Nicole: “Right. Everybody spills.”
No tears. No blame. End of story.

Nichole’s Techie Tips

I am pretty sure these are all old tips that I should have already known.

  1. There are video games for seniors [Brain Age i.e.] that you play on little handheld consoles like GameBoy to keep your brain active and fight off old age dementia.
  2. You can get TiVo through Comcast and you don’t have to have digital TV.
  3. Most hotels have a port on the alarm clock for your Ipod so you can play and wake up to your own music or kids music.
  4. There are laptops like MacBook that have a built-in iSight camera, good for video chatting, making an impromptu movie or snapping silly mugshots.

On Restaurants and Food

Chopped salads are a good risk at about any restaurant as well as foods with barbeque sauce.

Some good restaurants worth frequenting:

  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Chevys
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Grand Lux Café
  • Panera

I was sad all the way home. Bob says, ‘Why are you so sad, you just saw the kids.” Because I cannot get enough.

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