Thursday, November 1, 2007

Maribeth's Question

Whatever made you decide to write a blog?

Hmm. . .I’ve been thinking about that question.

Nicole writes a blog because it is a way that she can communicate with her friends and family. Her intended audience is grandparents and extended family and people who know her. Her stated purpose is Long Distance Communication Involving Pictures of the Kids. Mostly, she wants to share what's going on with Jackson and Lilly--reporting hysterical stories about the kids and little noteworthy accomplishments at school. It lets me and others like me in on a bit of their busy life and is a highlight for me nearly every day.

Andy’s blog is called Church Leadership Conversations—thoughts and resources of Andy Rowell. He has a real heart for helping church leaders. His blog is evidence of his desire to assist leaders by providing how-tos and resources. He also calls or provokes leaders to consider all sides of an issue before pronouncing a belief or decision. His blog reveals his passion for ministry. It makes me love him even more to see how he cares for others in his blog—okay, so I am his mom, but that is how I see it.

Steve is working with the Peace Corps in Ecuador. Rick is the father of 5 kids—soon to be the father of six. Although I didn’t see a purpose statement in either of their blogs, my guess is that their purpose is like Nicole’s purpose. It is a way to keep interested family and friends informed and updated on their lives. I regularly check their blogs for new updates.

Okay so what is my purpose? It is embarrassing to think about! I certainly don’t have any family or friends begging me to do a blog so they can keep up on my life. Unfortunately, I am not blogging so that I can provide answers for any of life’s dilemmas. I don’t know, Maribeth, I think it is like pretending that I am an author. How embarrassing is that! You made me think.

I do have a hypothesis based on a small research pool that spouses generally do not willingly read their spouse’s blogs.

Nicole says, “I have to force Brad to and he is NOT entertained. (He says he’s heard all my material before.)”

When I said to Bob, do you ever read my blog? “I looked at it once.” When I said, can I read you what I wrote about. . .? With a pained expression he paused and said, “go ahead,” but he walked out of the room before I was finished. In his defense, even I lost interest in it while I was reading it aloud.

When I said to Amy (Andy’s wife), “I like reading Andy’s blog even when it is over my head.” Amy responded, “You do better than I at reading it.”

I have a feeling that Dawn does a better job of reading Rick’s blog—but then he often mentions that she is so beautiful. . .a good mother. . . seldom acts tired. . .

My limited research is that about 25% of spouses read their spouses blog. My brother-in-law, David, cautioned that a blog is out there for everybody to read. I don’t worry about that.

I hope to come up with a good reason for me to write a blog soon. If I do, I will let you know.

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