Monday, November 12, 2007

Blessings on Mawi and Erin

The Asgedom family:
Mahret, LaTina, Mawi, Erin (back)
Hintsa and Tsege (front)

Last night the Community for Christ Sunday School Class had a post wedding shower for Mawi and Erin Asgedom at our home. Tsege had prayed for years that Mawi would find a good wife and her prayers were answered. It was a delight to visit with Mawi and Erin. Of course we (the women, for sure) wanted to hear about how they met (Erin emailed Mawi after hearing him speak and resonating with what he said), their first kiss (after watching an improv night Mawi suggested the word “kiss”), and Mawi’s proposal (he chickened out the first time after particularly inviting his family and her family to witness his proposal—confusing her father). It was fun, also to reminisce together and hear Mawi talk about some of our children. Most of us at the shower fondly remember Mawi’s father, Hilaab, and his brother, Twolde so we shared stories about them as well. After dinner, the interviews, and class sharing, we gathered around Mawi and Erin and prayed for blessings for them in their marriage. They opened their gifts and then our guests stayed and visited for a long time afterwards. That made us glad because we took it to mean that everyone had a nice time.

Kathy and Patti

The evening was particularly happy for me because Kathi and Patti came to help serve the meal and do the dishes. They were absolutely the best! They totally took care of everyone’s needs. By the time the last guest departed, every dish was washed (or in the dishwasher) and put away. I am grateful for my in-law family!


Anonymous said...

I think this is wonderful. I just got finished with Mawi Asgedom's book call Of Beetles & Angels. Thanks for making my day!! BYE!

Charobeta said...

I think that is such a beautiful story about Mawi and his family.Me being Ethiopian-American(I was born in South Dakota and my parents were born in Ethiopia)It makes me feel great!I went to Ethiopia in 2006 with my dad and last year in '08 with my dad,brother,uncle,and church freinds.It was so wonderful to go back,I consider it my home.With the Injera and everything that makes Ethiopia,Ethiopia.My dad got married there last year and I was so happy because my step-mom is wonderful!If I could go back I would.I love it there and consider it my real home.But I definetly do not enjoy the flys,LOL!!!I hope that someday I will get a hold of your book and get to read it,thank you for doing something good in the name of our country.