Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I thought you said, “Christmas Tea”

I did. Really, most of the tables are decorated for Christmas. They are beautiful and they glisten and shine and they are practical, too, because you really can use those ideas at home to decorate for family or friends or parties.

I know, I do tend to photograph the tables without Christmas themes. I totally, totally love Christmas! I am so glad that most people decorate their tables with Christmas themes! I must admit though, the tables that tend to catch my eye are the ones that are not particularly Christmas. Also, the tables that Lois and I have been asked to help brainstorm or tweak mostly did not have a Christmas theme. I feel a special pride in seeing how those women (who sought our humble opinion) completed their tables. I never used to take pictures at all—whatever do you do with them. Now, that I am blogging, however, I can post the pictures. Whether anyone sees them is irrelevant. I still get to show them. It is a great system.

Guests from College of DuPage
Penny, Cathy, Joanne, Me, Peggy, Nancy

My Rowell family guests
Me, Anne, Judy, D'Ann, Mom

So, here are the few tables that I photographed last night. There were others, that I tried to take a picture of also but for one reason or another, I decided that they were not posting quality. (I know you are now doubting my posting quality standards which I do agree are not particularly exigent—whew, I need a double parentheses on that one so my conscious can admit I got that word from the Thesaurus. I am trying to increase my vocabulary.) All that is to say the pictures are not Christmasy and do not do the tables justice. I wish you could have been there.

Pam's Gladly Feminine table

Mary Ellen's Illini table
Bev's Ravinia Picnic table
My Amish table
Close up of an individual placesetting

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