Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Turned a Corner, I Really Did!

Today for the first time ever, I thought of something while I was out doing my thing in the park. I thought in whole paragraphs. Before this all I ever thought were two word repetitive phrases.

The tree, the tree, the tree
Keep going, keep going, keep going
The marker, the marker, the marker
Almost there, almost there, almost there

Other days I tried to pray. About all I could do was say “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Jesus,” which is sincere and heartfelt and three words but I’d like to do better.

I tried other things. Ellen tells me to listen to books on CD. I tried it. I bounce too much. The CD skips. I have to stop and fix it. Then I have to start over. When I am pushing myself to make it to the next tree, I miss a whole chapter. (I am listing an iPod on my Christmas list.)

I have been practicing when I “jog” with Lois. I have been answering her in 4 or 5 word sentences when she talks. (i.e. We ate at Chili’s.) I have been asking questions with as many as 7 words to keep her talking (i.e. What did you do on sister weekend? What Christmas presents have you bought?) I mentioned to her yesterday that I was talking more. She noted that was true and also noticed that I am panting a little less.

But today, I turned a corner. Twice while “jogging” on the south side of the park by myself, I surprised myself by getting to the east side without thinking of my usually marker. I realized that I had been thinking of something other than just jogging.

I hope it happens again! I hope I wasn’t walking.

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