Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maribeth's Question Revisited

Yesterday, Lois told me why I blog. I was so glad to have an answer!

Lois reminded me that we walk less often than we used to walk. She is homeschooling and takes Daniel early in the morning, several times per week to the Sports Center. Therefore we walk less. And when we do get together, we are trying to prepare for the Turkey Trot so I cannot talk.

Lois said, “You blog to vent. Those are all of the things that you used to talk about when we walked. Now we are walking less, so you blog for your therapy.” The lightbulb went on. She is right!

I can blame homeschooling on my recent blogging. As soon as Lois and I are able to start walking again regularly, I won’t need to blog. So there’s your answer. I blog for therapy.

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