Monday, October 26, 2009

Ready to Partay!

Could be a fashion trend . . . well maybe . . . then again . . . it is just the whole look--including her casual pose with sweater over her arm.

Sarah is not all grown up yet. . . but getting there too quickly for me! It has been awhile since I posted a photo of her. Look here and here.

Sarah is one reason that I love my neighborhood! Sweet, creative, imaginative, cute as all get out, and inventive, she calls out, "Hi Mrs. McDonell!" when she notices me observing her. Last week she and her brother were delivering school orders like the UPS man. I was not quick enough with my camera.

Goodness, she makes me chuckle. I am charmed!


Rebecca said...

Is that all her natural hair?

Rebecca said...

Oh, me. I'm weak from laughing at the post about the lemonade stand. I guess I wasn't blogging back in January of 2008. Brenda, you really MUST compile these in a book.

Brenda said...

No, Rebecca--not her natural hair. It is a wig. She is just such a stitch! I crack up at her all of the time.

Bernie said...

Great photo, and I love that you live in such a wonderful neighbourhood....I love the children who live around me as well and have seen them change to young men and women after living over 10 years here, but am happy to say there are always new little ones coming along....:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

I hope Sarah never loses that charm and smile and love...what a great 'kid'...a sweet girl!
I loved the stories (links) that you sent...especially the lemonade stand one. Precious neighbor...and I can tell she adores you as well.