Monday, October 5, 2009

Would that be with butter or without?

The sun came out on Sunday afternoon . Bob had a church meeting so I decided to go to Morton Arboretum and fill up on some fall color.

The trees have not turned much yet but the day was beautiful and I had a book and a glass of cold cider and settled here to read.

I scooted over for a clearer view.

After a couple of chapters, I decided to walk around the Fall Color Festival for a bit.

The flowers were beautiful!

What caught my attention was that everyone—okay not everyone—but many people were eating delicious looking foods—

That would be a taffy apple bar, popcorn, brats, and corn-on-the-cob!

It was the corn-on-the-cob that was calling my name.

Returning to the car for some change, I discovered that the battery was dead. Nothing happened except a tick when I tried to start the car.

Of course, I did not have my Triple A card in possession but fortunately hubby texts and returned my plea for numbers.

Within an hour, I was all set with a new battery.

Sadly the booths had all closed up for the day. Does anyone want to join me next Sunday afternoon? Can I wait that long?


Diana said...

I haven't been to Morton Arboretum since I was a young girl! Wish I could have been there with you Brenda, I would have gotten the corn while you waited for the tow truck. I think I might have picked up a brat too! Nice Pics Brenda! Again Thanks for the memories!
Love Di

Wanda said...

Well Brenda even though you didn't get that ear of corn, you had a beautiful view while reading by the lake! That corn did look awfully good!

Teacher's Pet said...

I'll be there!! Corn on the cob!!
You betcha, sister...I'll bee right there.
I saw that apple....and thought it was a caramel apple and KNEW it had my name on it. I can eat my weight in caramel apples...and we won't even go there about my weight.
Brenda, your photos are beautiful....the floweres...the just seemed like a perfect day!
Another smile from Jackie :))

Dee said...

I wish i could join you...looks like my kind of place. I want to compliment you on your photography.What kind of camera do you use? I have been thinking about investing in a new camera as i see all the wonderful photos on the blogs. I have an easy point and shoot type which serves me well at the time, but it has it limits.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

What a lovely way (except for the battery experience) to spend a day. I'd be there in a heartbeat next weekend if it were possible :)

Teacher's Pet said...

Popping in to say hello!!!
I hope that all is well, and that you have had a lovely week.
Smiles and hugs from Jackie

Brenda said...

Oh dear Dee, thank you for the compliment on my photos. I really do not know anything about photography but I am always admiring other photos. I just don't know if I want to invest enough time and money into learning more about photography. I use a point and shoot Canon PowerShot SD750. My only secret is that I delete as many photos as I keep. :-)