Sunday, October 4, 2009

But I think we will pass on ice fishing . . .

A little damp weather did not discourage us from taking a lake walk.

And admiring the trees.

Nor did it dissuade us from taking an early morning boat ride.

We loved looking at the sights along Lake Maxinkuckee.

No doubt the ducks wondered why we were disturbing their peace.

We were not alone. There were a surprising number of fishing boats.

See way off on the right, a fisherman is getting ready to go out.

I loved watching these swans. We thought that we also saw snow geese.

I was so intent on watching the birds that I nearly missed the building—whatever it is—a home? Surely not—certainly a lovely place to stay!

Jim pointed out landmarks . . .
(Cold hands anyone?)

Beautiful Culver buildings . . .

Honestly, it was pretty cold.

Nothing that a good hot cup of coffee and breakfast couldn’t fix.


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

All beautiful (but I got chilled just reading it)! The last picture "called my name". I think I'll go put a pot of coffee on right now.

Wanda said...

I imagine the boat made it seem even colder than it actually was...but it sure seemed enjoyable!

Teacher's Pet said...

Gosh, those photos make you look cold....and we're sweltering down here! :))
Hi Brenda!! I love the photos...and I enlarged the ducks...and that's a LOT of ducks!!! The home (place to stay) was amazing, too....and like you, I was taken by the birds...and might have missed it.
Ice fishing? That's not just in the movies?? For real?? I would love to go ice fishing.
I got your e-mail and e-mailed you back. Let me know if you didn't get it...please.
Enjoy that warrrrm cup of coffee.
Smiles aplenty....from Jackie!!