Thursday, October 8, 2009

Up on the farm because I couldn't say down on the farm cuz this was such an up day . . .

Ryan has the middle name of his Grandpa Dale. Grandpa Dale was a farmer wannabe. His father and grandfather farmed and his uncles farmed and Dale loved the farm. Dale helped out with farming whenever he had the opportunity. He spent two years after high school working on a Teen Challenge Training dairy farm in Pennsylvania and told some pretty good cow stories.

I was less than excited during our first year of marriage when Dale excitedly (seriously) took me “home” to Uncle Howard’s farm so that we could help hoe weeds out of the bean field! There were more exciting times when he went to help bale, etc. but combining wheat or corn—actually driving the combine—was the cat’s meow. I had to say that because yes, he liked cats, oh my.

It would be quite a long way from honest to say that loving-everything-farm is a genetic family marking. However, I am living for these past few days in the land of pretend.

So this is really about my sweet everything-farm grandsons, okay the farm part is a stretch but not the sweet part and the farm part was true for the morning.


Bernie said...

Brenda, your grandsons are so cute and what a wonderful day you all had down on the farm....looks like so much fun......:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

Blessed! You are blessed...!
The children are blessed!
What a wonderful way to spend the day.....
The photos are absolutely splendid....makes me want to play in the the sweet animals...and climb on a tractor!
Great photographs...and a wonderful story through them.
Thank you for sharing these! I love them.
Smiles from Jackie

Donna's Book Nook said...

How adorable! And how privileged you are to spend this time with them. Enjoy and savor every minute.

Dee said...

A morning well spent. The boys would make the cutest farmers ever!!!

Diana said...

Hi Brenda!
I am wondering if those boys are as angelic as they look! They are sooo adorable! You took wonderful photos of them having fun!
Love Di

Wanda said...

You know how to entertain little boys Brenda. Your extremely cute grandsons make jumping (or falling flat out) into field corn look like fun. They certainly had lots of different things to make them happy. Their smiles couldn't be bigger or sweeter!


Jacquelyn said...

I can see you're not having a bit of fun with your grands this week *wink* !!

Awesome pictures! What wonderful memories you are creating. I love the one with the pumpkins. Those boys are adorable!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I like the way you crossed out "pretty good" in the cow stories sentence. Funny!

These are GREAT pictures. (We took a couple of our grands to a similar place a couple of years ago. When we drove by a few weeks ago it looked closed down for good. It was SUCH a great place. Too bad.)