Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Unconventional Entrepreneurs

The girls lowered their overhead and labor and went green. They used no paper products. You could drink your lemonade at their stand or take it home and wash your cup and bring it back clean. I don't believe that it was necessary to wash glasses for lemonade that was consumed at the stand because being hygiene responsible, there were disposable straws available. The straws dual purpose was to add a bit of flair to the already festive martini glasses.

They also experimented with no signs. It worked just as well to call loudly to every person passing whether on foot, bike or in a car.

Sara’s everyday gracious style is consistent with her retail dress code. It is all about dresses and bare feet. On rare occasions she dons shoes.

Pricing was interesting as well. You could pay 25¢ or 50¢--whatever you wanted. Dual pricing! What a novel idea! It seemed most adults were paying 50¢.

Their profits were impressive. More research is necessary to determine if it was their business plan. Unofficially, I am pretty sure it was their irresistable charm.

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