Saturday, July 26, 2008

And most of us had homemade pie!

What a happy occasion on Friday when nine of us from the Bernice clan were able to attend the monthly Rupp luncheon at the Archbold Home Restaurant! It is almost like a home meal on the farm and makes me smile just to think about it! A big hit was the rivilie soup—the easiest way to describe it—a chicken dumpling soup but the dumplings are tiny. The cousin in the pink shirt in front is Delight. What a great name! It fits her.

It brings great joy to see two of the remaining original ten siblings of my mother—dear, cheerful Aunt Vera and dear, wise Uncle Andy! My stepmom also feels like a Rupp because after Mom died, the Rupps still loved on Dad and accepted him as family and then when Dad remarried, they accepted Kay as kin, too. They are good, godly, generous people and I do so love them all! Aunt Vera brought us each a dishcloth that she had crocheted. Food, family and fellowship—not really in that order—that was an accident, I promise! But truly, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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