Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lounging at the Lake with Lester's Ladies

My Grandpa and Grandma were fruitful and multiplied. Their children numbered ten. I cannot tell how many we number now but, invited by Lester’s Ladies, 29 Girl Cousins (including some girl cousins by marriage) rendezvoused at Round Lake in Michigan for a few days to reminisce and to make new memories.

Knowing full well that this was going to be a exceptional bloggable event, I went armed with my Canon Power Shot and started aiming and clicking before I even walked in the door. We were magnificently welcomed with signage and welcome gifts and beautiful flowers! You may wonder if LL’s had been reading and clipping from Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn and Real Simple for the past two years but seriously, they are naturals and possibly incognito contributors to some famous decorating magazines and are prohibited from revealing that info at this time. Regardless, here is a sneak peek of their work.

All but Aunt Arvada's family were represented.

These welcome gifts were provided for all 29 cousins! Thanks, Jo, Janna, Carma and Wanda!

Sweet florals were placed all over the cottage.

Notice some more florals!

We had an absolutely fabulous dinner—like Martha, they not only decorate, LL’s also cook. Next we were invited on a pontoon boat for a small tour. It was going famously well. We saw a home where a judge may have lived. Soon, however, our slightly overweighted craft encountered a sand bar. Angie, being the youngest cousin immediately jumped in to rescue her nearest and dearest. Soon after, Ann was also assisting. Impulsively impressed by their chivalry, I stepped forth as well. I have no idea why, I am still trying to look for an explanation. I never even took life saving. Immediately, I empathized with all of the centuries of grief that Peter has taken for trying to walk on the water. I wisely had my responsible sister, Donna, hold my camera before I jumped. Soon all three of us in the water realized that the large stones on the sand bar in this somewhat smallish lake had not been rounded and smoothed by strong waves and currents over billions of years. We hopped back on the pontoon to get feet protection. Unwisely, I requested my camera back and carefully put it in my pocket so as not to lose it as I am prone to do. After just minutes of rest, however, I unwisely went forth again into the water which is why I have pictures of the first two hours of our wonderful reunion and no additional pictures.

Chef Janna was the Grill Chief

The pontoon with Jo at the helm.

The Lester Family Cottage

The rest of the pontoon story is blog worthy. After getting the pontoon into deep enough water to safely start, six others were able to assist and get me back on the pontoon. I think Ann and Angie just jumped on. However, then the pontoon would not start even though Jo and her capable assistant Wanda as well as several others tried many times. We could not believe it but it was true, none of us on the pontoon tour had brought a cell phone out on the lake! So we yelled and waved (but did not undress) to get the attention of three fisherman who successfully ignored us for at least twenty minutes. Finally one brave fisherman did come on board and looked at the pontoon and pointed out the kill switch and we laughed enough to scare him off and we were soon on our way again. I must say that Jo brought the pontoon into the pier with complete accuracy and precision and quickly regained her status as a worthy captain.

Ann to the rescue.

This is my attempt at Search and Rescue.

Yay! Dear Cousin Lynn has a report and pictures on her Proverbial Pilgrimage blog. Eventually some other cousins will come through with more photos.

Let me say, that I have a wonderful husband. On Sunday we were married twelve years. He is accustomed to my inept ways and is patient and forgiving. Therefore, it was not a water logged camera that prevented me from taking pictures of adorable grandchildren on Sunday and Monday. That is another totally separate tale of my Canon Power Shot camera that involved strange disappearance and possible theft and return after the children were well on their way back to NC and CO. I am in possession of my working CPS camera now and determined to keep it attached to me at all times except when I get in water. . . I just heard Bob sigh.

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