Thursday, July 3, 2008

Regarding A Really Big Number. . .

Seamus has me wrapped around his little finger and here’s why. . . Me: What should we do for Grandma Day?
Seamus: I just want to play at your house.

But we also spent some time at “your” park. I found a pretty good hiding spot while Seamus quickly counted to ten. When it was his turn to hide, I had to count to 69—which is (I think) his current favorite really big number.

When asked how old he was, Seamus announced, “69”.

Grandma: You can’t be 69, Seamus, that’s even a bigger number than Grandma.

Seamus reconsidered and then chose “66”.

Grandma: That is still a really big number!

Seamus, impressing us that he is getting really big, insisted, "I am eleventy sixty-six!"

Whew! We were convinced!
And he has Grandpa wrapped around his little finger as well!

Grandpa: What team should we cheer for?

Seamus enthusiastically: White Sox!
Can that be comfortable?

What is a sleepover without a popcorn party?

And beating Grandma at "Soots" and Ladders?
Grandma: Have you ever been to Brookfield Zoo?

Seamus: Once I have been. Do you know what once means?

Grandma: What does it mean?

Seamus: Once means one time. Twoce means two times. Threece means three times. Fource means four times.

Seamus skipped five, then experimented with saying sixce and gave up and then explained. . ."Six means just plain six. That’s all. Not six times. Just plain six."

Our favorite zoo activity was touching the “x-rays”. But then it was also lots of fun to ride the grasshopper which was really a praying mantis but how easy is that to remember? We also loved the dolphin show and afterwards watching the seals and sea lions!

It was a great day!

Sensing that I was tired, Grandpa drove to take him home. I asked, “Seamus, are you tired?”

To which I got a resounding standard four year old answer: Noooo!

And I believed him! Where does all of that energy come from? One half of a hot dog, some lemonade and cheese curls just wouldn't do that much for me!

Grandpa reminded me of my age which is not by the way 69 but it is a really big number.

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