Thursday, July 24, 2008

Precious Cargo to Disney and Back!

We were so privileged to be entrusted to take Jessica and David with us to Bob’s convention in Orlando! Both Bob and I felt the responsibility and are grateful for God’s protection and safety for the trip. The kids were great! We had a busy, fun week! We were so blessed!

Every day the temperatures were in the 90’s so we totally enjoyed the hotel pool!

What is a visit to Disney without a few character pictures!
David was a tad embarrassed by this kissing picture. I thought it was fun.
At a character breakfast, we got to interact a bit with Goofy, Minnie, Chip and Dale.
At Magic Kingdom, the favorite ride was Space Mountain that we rode three times in front seats—thanks to Fast Pass.
Jessica and David got the wrist bands —think beautiful, fashionable bracelets—on an earlier family vacation in Wisconsin. I was tempted to cut them off while they were sleeping but understanding their attachment, I did not want to risk ruining their psyches for life. As a warning to other parents, such wrist bands might be enough to steer me clear of Jellystone Parks. They may be indestructible—at least extremely durable—but then again, I think they come in a variety of colors.
From the beginning of the trip—thanks to Mr. Brown’s build up, all that David could think about was going on the Tower of Terror. He was mighty disappointed the first day when it was not at Magic Kingdom. To my relief, I researched and found that it was at Hollywood Studios—I was afraid that it was at Universal Studios and had not bought tickets for that park and had no desire to purchase another park ticket. I had avoided the ride on an earlier Disney trip several years ago with Kent and Steven but knew that there was no escaping it on this trip. So we dashed to the Tower, first thing on our visit to Hollywood Studios. I figured that I would hold my breath and endure it. It is amazing what you do for grandchildren. To my relief, the scariness of the ride was pretty much all build up—actually it was fun! It really reminded me of riding old fashioned elevators in the big city of Toledo as a small girl. Do any of you remember that feeling of the elevator missing the floor when you were going down and then bouncing back up to the right floor again? That is what it is like only a bit faster. The kids thought the ride was scary because of the eerie story. Now, the Rock N Roll rollercoaster—whew! That was fast!

The real highlight of Hollywood Studios was when Jessica got chosen for Jedi training and then successfully fought against Darth Vador!

The special souvenir of our Disney experience were four light sabers.
At Animal Kingdom, the thrilling ride was Expedition Everest roller coaster. Another fun experience was when Jessica got chosen to dance with some dancers in “Africa”.

As for the convention and maybe the whole trip, it was all about “Grandpa’s Segway”! Actually, I love riding them, too, and so does Grandpa. We may apply to be security guards after Bob’s retirement if it involves zooming around all day on Segways.

Jessica got her face painted and hoped that it might last long enough to show Mom when she got home. Fortunately, unlike the wristbands, it did come off while she was sleeping but we did get a good picture.
Movies made the road trip very pleasant for all of us. My digital camera also provided a few minutes of entertainment which is why I have twenty some pictures of the Smokey Mountains and other such interesting sights.
For devotions each day, the kids decided to begin at the beginning of the Bible—Genesis. We attempted to read one chapter each morning and each evening. That started out easy and pleasant as we talked about creation and Adam and Eve and Noah but we got to a few more complicated readings as we covered Sarai giving Hagar to Abram in chapter 16 and also the topic of circumcision in chapter 17. Both Bob and I drew a sigh of relief as we realized that the next chapter would have covered the story of “Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed” and “Lot and His Daughters”. Whew! We got them home just in time.
On the way back home, we stayed in a hotel with no rollaways but two queen beds. Grandpa “slept” with David in one bed. Jessica and I shared the other bed. Both of the kids slept great!

Our most comfy of all bed is here at home and it felt really good last night. We are blessed!

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