Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Heroic Guide...Do you think she is purposely distancing herself from the GGC?

In her own words. . .Guest Blogger and GGC Guide--Amy

What a privilege it was to spend several days with twelve of the female Gisel cousins! Not many in my generation have entered into this inner circle! It was an honor to learn family heritage from them and witness first-hand their commitment to family and tradition. Regardless of where we were or what we were doing, one factor remained the same…We LAUGHED (a lot)! If laughter is the best medicine, then this is an extremely healthy group of women. During these days, a few family traits seemed dominant in many of these cousins…

First, the Gisel Girls are dribblers. Nadine is definitely the queen of this, but many others share this tendency. An investment in a few family bibs might not be a bad idea. No worries though…They are all also armed with various types of emergency stain removers in their purses, so no stain goes untreated.

Next, the Gisel Girls are poor balancers. Although the Gisel name sounds quite similar to gazelle, I’m not so sure the Gisel cousins share the grace of the gazelle. During this trip, Lavonne nearly fell after her Omnimax trip to the Alps, and Donna nearly tumbled out of Lou’s car. Several others toppled and tripped here and there, too. I was thankful that no casualties occurred.

In addition, the Gisel Girls are talkers. Whether we were on the Metrolink or the Forest Park Shuttle, in the hotel lobby or a local restaurant, or visiting a tourist attraction, all of the locals certainly knew the Gisels were there. Riveting topics ranged from black debris in the tub to cloudy swimming pools. If you want the Gisel Girls to be quiet, it seems that you have to feed them a meal. As soon as they all had dinner in their hands, complete silence resulted. It was an amazing phenomenon to witness!

Finally, the Gisel Girls are multi-taskers. To an outsider, it might appear that the Gisel cousins talk continuously but never listen. However, that’s not true. They are expert multi-taskers. They are all gifted with the ability to talk and listen simultaneously to several conversations all taking place at once. It’s truly an amazing sight that all should see!

Not many families get a group of first cousins together every year like the Gisel cousins do! Is my generation ready to carry on this tradition??...I don’t know about that, but I thoroughly enjoyed my days as an “honorary member” of the Gisel Girls.

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