Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Birthday Blast!

Kent is 14 years old!! How did that happen already?

He decorated his own cake. I think that is such a novel way to deal with the stress of birthday cakes! In this family, each child is allowed and encouraged to decorate their own birthday cake in whatever color and manner as they choose. It seems like somewhat of a Huck Finn approach but the kids love it and there is no stress at all for mom!
This is Kent with his birthday present. (Those objects hanging from the fireplace that look like torture weapons are not. They are actually very challenging puzzles!)

Kent is inventive, amusing, wise, helpful, mature, responsible and creative. He makes us smile! I mention these unique characteristics to help you understand why his birthday request did not concern me. It also helps that I was not the responsible adult in charge and I was naive. For his birthday, he wanted his dad to help him make a potato launcher. In defense of his father, what dad could resist helping his son making something that blasts an object to the moon and breaks the sound barrier? Plus, I think it was all done in the name of science. Yes, yes, it was all done very responsibly and only with adult supervision in acres of pastureland. Although his grandpa and mom were horrified at the thought of it, no children or animals were harmed in any way. . . and if you watch the video you will surely see that no one had any fun.

Seriously, though, I don't recommend this any more than I would recommend doing your own fireworks. It could actually be quite dangerous so I won't be giving out any instructions. Don't try it on your own until you are at least 40 years old and are a certified paramedic.

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