Friday, September 12, 2008

Picture Pretty

Our Bible study group came to our house last night for dinner because I have a broken leg and someone probably masculine thought it would be easier for me to stay home than go out and we weren’t at the meeting to decide because I was at Marianjoy Rehab. It is hard to have a group over without wanting to have flowers for the table. Being inspired by Lester’s Ladies, I persevered and figured out how to cut and carry end-of-the-season hydrangea into the house and photograph my lovely walker while I was not attached to it. It wasn’t a pretty sight—I mean the figuring it all out—I thought the flowers and the walker were kind of a pretty sight thus these photos. . . Notice my matching tennis balls compliments of my hubby to save our wood floors. Bob is worried that I am becoming a bit of a wicked driver with my walker and fears that he will have to repaint all of our door frames and a few baseboards when this is all done.

My dear creative neighbor, Kris, gave me some color drip candles. "A fun gift," she said, "because you got hurt having fun." Last night, I lit one of the candles. It was a good conversation piece as our friends reminisced the 60’s. I didn’t have an empty wine bottle but a vinegar bottle was almost empty so it sufficed. It reminded Tim of Lady and the Tramp one of his first movies. Thanks, Kris!
I made a salad for our dinner that I am going to call Grownup Salad. My friend, Mary, made up the recipe after eating something similar in a Wisconsin restaurant. You take mixed greens and take a good sized handful for each individual and combine it in a large bowl with a little bit of poppy seed dressing. (It is easy to get too much.) Then you make the individual salads by putting those greens in each salad plate. Then on top of each person’s salad put sliced red beets one side, across from that put a little pile of cannellini beans. On another side put crumbled cheese—usually blue cheese but this time I used goat cheese and then across from the goat cheese, put 5 or six Trader Joe’s candied pecans or walnuts. Then with a spoon drizzle a little bit of poppy seed dressing on top of each salad for a final touch. I was taking a risk making the salad—red beets are pretty much grownup food but fortunately I was among all grownups who love beets and the salads were picture pretty. You'll just have to take my word on that one.

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cousin lynn said...

Hi! My sis was going on yesterday about your walker!! She is now a true Beesnest groupie! She and her Dr. hubbie were going on how serious your injury was! Praying for you and missing you....