Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Real Simple, Sweet, Wonderful Thursday

I was introduced to the magazine, Real Simple, by my daughter-in-law. I love the plain and interesting covers. The emphasis is on natural colors and textures and lines using everyday items. That is the wonderful kind of experience that I enjoyed on Thursday only much better.

I spent the day with my sisters-in-law, Judy and Joy, and my mother-in-law, Mom. I appreciate the easy relationship with them, just genuine interest and appreciation for each other.

We took a two hour drive to Arcola and Arthur, IL and loved the back roads, fields, laundry on the clotheslines, gardens and flower beds. We loved seeing the Amish, particularly the women and children. Many of the children were barefoot. We saw beautiful horses and more carriages than I have ever seen in one day.

We toured the Rockome Gardens and ate a delicious country lunch (enough for two dinners!) of meatloaf, potatoes, green beans, hot bread, apple butter, salad, and strawberry pie or carrot cake.

We stopped and had cookies and ice tea in the kitchen of my cousin, Dee, and enjoyed meeting two of her six grandchildren and her daughter-in-law, Kara. Dee's hubby, Willis, and both of her sons are big farmers. We stopped briefly to see their “shop” and were awed by all of the BIG tractors—wishing we could show them to our own grandkids. JD one of their sons has a tractor GPS business and the tractors steer themselves—literally no hands! Amazing!

In a quilt shop, we visited with a sweet grandma about to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary with her six children and grandchildren. At Beachy Produce, I picked up four different containers of candy and then before we left, decided better and put them all back.

A bonus back in Morton was that we got to visit with more relatives--Dale’s brother--Paul and his entire family, who were in Morton for a family funeral. We saw Jonathan’s speedy little motorcycle and breathed a sigh of relief when he called to tell that he and his girlfriend were safely home again near Chicago.

As Dad Rowell often said, “Today was a good day!”

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Donna said...

Wow! sounds like a really fun day! I drove the back roads to the store today and saw amish buggies, and farms and gardens etc. There's something relaxing and peaceful about it.