Sunday, September 14, 2008


We are having record rains—the most since records have been kept eons ago! We are accustomed to having a 100 year rain about every other year but I haven’t seen this before! I can’t even post photos because I was unprepared with a camera about ten times in the last two days. I don’t know if we should blame Ike or not but it has been torrential!

Pulling honey yesterday behind dad’s barn was an experience! It didn’t just rain, it poured! I stayed in the car and visited with my sisters but my hubby got drenched! He would have been dryer if he had been naked because the water would have rolled off instead of soaking into his skin but that would not have worked seeing that he needed his bee suit and we were not alone. He was totally shriveled by the time that he got the honey but we did get it—5-6 whole supers full! Still I couldn’t help wondering if we should have stayed home and come next weekend. A good book and the fireplace sounded mighty nice.

This is a picture of beehives through the windshield during the very big rain.

And then driving home from Ohio was downright scary! Not only was it raining cats and dogs but it was DARK! and there was TRAFFIC! and my hubby needs an appointment with a retina specialist within the next two weeks because he sees double and a host of other issues. I kept wondering, “Why am I not HOME in front of the fireplace curled up with a book!”

It was much too late last night to unpack the car and we had to leave for church today by 7:05 a.m. but unfortunately I was not quite ready and so we left at 7:15 a.m. Bob was to be in the parking lot for part of the morning but he was prepared with umbrella and poncho and vest. However, it is impossible in spite of great finesse with a walker for me to maneuver an umbrella, Bible, and treats for Adult Community and I was not wise enough to wear a poncho. I delivered the treats and then went into the washroom to survey how my hair had survived the rain—hoping that it just got curlier—not frizzier but it was not to be! I wondered, “Could I not have worshipped just as well at home—by the fireplace—with a Bible and then a Christian book?”

Following church and our adult community, I did not locate my husband and so shuffled with my walker and Bible and purse—(I found someone to take the leftover treats so that I would not consume them and I surely would have)—to the car. Alas, both windows and the back were filled with many dozens of bees. Dear hubby had thought that he was able to get most of the honey with very few hitchhiker bees. Maybe some hatched overnight. Now granted, they were not aggressive—in fact downright sluggish—still as I struggled to roll down windows and gently lead bees out into the rain, I did wonder why I was the one that suggested last night, “Let’s just go to bed. We can unpack the car after church.” And then when I thought most of the bees were either in back or out the windows and doors, I froze as I turned the AC on COLD with the blowers on high because bees do not like the cold and called hubby regarding his location. He reported that no one had replaced him and that he was still out on Morton Road dodging cars as other WBC attenders also got a late start in the rain and were still intent on getting parked and into the services quickly. I want you to know that worshipping in nature with the critters is not all it is built up to be. I thought, “I believe I could be more filled with the spirit of praise if I were home—by the fireplace with my book!”

Undaunted I started out this afternoon in plenty of time for a bridal shower in West Chicago. However, Main Street was blocked off because of high water. No problem, County Farm worked until I got to Jewel which was blocked because of high water. So I figured Geneva Road would work but to no avail so not knowing Eileen’s number, I called information for her number—a definite no-no but this was an emergency. My speech was formulated in my head. “I am so sorry, Eileen, but I won’t make it to the shower that you have slaved over all week to put on for our dear friend because of Noah like floods on every street!” However, before I even got started, she broke in to tell me that Gayle knew a way to get to Eileen’s house and I was then hearing how happy she was that I was coming and Gayle was saying all you need to do is drive another 6 miles to North Avenue and then take Prince Crossing south for a few miles and it really is no problem.

So after a lovely shower where I ate a piece of cake that I had determined not to eat because I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks—those two facts are very related—in case you happen to be male and have read this far—for which I also say, “Thank you!” and “Congratulations!”—but I digress. I am now home! And I am worshipping and praising God!! I am so very blessed!! and it doesn’t matter that my hair is all frizz, my hubby was still glad that I came home. Now, I will quit blogging because I am going to curl up in my pj’s by the fireplace with the blue blanket and a really good book.

And by the way, there were some very good parts of these past two days now that I can sit in comfort and remember. The new restaurant in Archbold is excellent! I loved seeing my family! It was fun to go out to the barn. Lowell found two treasures for me. We celebrated Donna and Kay's birthdays. We are safe and dry. Sweet Wesley is getting a very sweet wife! I just had a supper of comfort food--chicken and rice soup and saltines! Ain’t life grand!

Some of my family drying off in the barn.

Sheila--doing some treasure hunting in the barn.

Lou--admiring some of Dad's uses for auction items.

And Sisters--Life is good!


cousin Lynn said...

dear cousin Brenda....
what were the two treasures that Lowell found for you? Also, I can't believe you were in a car with bees!!! You have stories...what an adventure!
take care....xoxoxo

Brenda said...

Dear Lynn,

Lowell brought from the barn and presented to me a bottle of linement and an instruction manual for a Case tractor--both relate to silly family stories. It was fun. The manual is going to get listed on Ebay--maybe today.

As to bees in the car. . . that really isn't that unusual. It happens when your hubby is a beekeeper--especially when he is pulling honey. To this point, I have not been stung by a bee in the car. They are just looking for a way out and I am glad to help them--usually.