Monday, September 22, 2008

And this is why we have grandkids!

I felt a bit teary when the surgeon told me on Friday that I may never jog again. But my dear walking partner generously said, "We never really jogged that fast anyhow." "We" was the generous part, in case there was any doubt.

And then, I didn't feel any better when Bob was paying bills and noted that my Visa bill over the past month was only $20 which is much less than any credit card bill before my fateful blob jump. Obviously, I haven't been out much. Bob sympathetically told me, "I was thinking maybe I should break your other leg."

On the other hand, I talked with Amy a bit today and she put the phone on speaker so that the boys were listening but not really participating in the conversation. Immediately after we said good by, Amy called back. She said, "I just had to tell you what [three year old] Ryan said after your call. He said, 'Don't you think Grandma is nice?' "

Ohhhh what a sweetheart! Now that made my day!


Donna said...

That's why we have husbands--because they are SO supportive! Ha!I'll be happy to "walk" with you, as I have a feeling I won't jog either. My goal is still to start my exercise program when I retire.

cousin lynn said...

Mark laughed when I read about Bob breaking your other leg! You made my day when you asked me to show you how to put new backgrounds on. I learned how from the Aqua Poppy Designs web site, she has many adorable free backgrounds! Just click on her logo on my side bar. It will be a snap for you....if I can do it! Thinking of you, every day when I use my Face to Face....