Thursday, September 4, 2008

After almost 4 weeks. . .

Okay, so this sounds a bit odd but I have been having conversations with my leg. Yesterday at PT, Deb told me that I have to stop babying Left Leg. Make it work! So I have stopped lifting it into bed with my hands. Last night I was shocked when LL cooperated with me.

I am not supposed to use my hands to lift it into the car but when I am begging rides, it is just too embarrassing to wait until LL cooperates so I help. I am getting tough on it though and remembering more and more to require it to lift its own weight. Deb warned that helping with my hands can become a habit.

LL still seems like a foreign body part making me aware that it is not fully grafted yet. Tomorrow I will see the surgeon and have an x-ray. I am excited to see how far it has come!

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