Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Hale just turned eight years old, and like all of our grandkids, he is unique. Something particularly fun about Hale is that he is a budding White Sox fan! Sunday was a happy day--for Hale, Grandpa, Aunt Kathi and for me! We had the privilege of taking Hale to his first MLB game. No, Cellular Field isn't as big as "The Bird's Nest" but it is still pretty big!

About every two innings was an opportunity for a little diversion--hot dog, or batting cages or a slurpy and pretzel and then best of all when Grandpa and Hale went shopping for a Jermaine Dye shirt. But in between, we watched and talked baseball--Sox baseball! We have tried repeatedly to try to influence grandchildren to become White Sox fans. The Sox have been the team for my hubby for his whole life and were the team of his dad and Granddad. Even though my loyalties are divided between the Cubbies and the Sox, for my hubby's sake, we need at least one grandchild to carry the White Sox torch for the next generation. Sunday made us hopeful!

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