Friday, April 18, 2008

Top Ten Reasons

I started training for the 5K Run for the Animals.

  1. The weather has been fantastic!
  2. I bought new shoes and they really are fast.
  3. My picture on this blog was taken almost one year ago on Father’s Day. However, the picture of me at Grandparents Day last week shows a decidedly fuller face and I have not had Botox.
  4. Because I can. “Use it or lose it” is ringing through my head especially since I entered a new decade.
  5. To encourage my grandkids. I would hope to help them see that they are only competing against themselves. One time, Steven did not run in the 5K because there was no hope of keeping up with his brother, Kent. Kent is tall and lean and a running machine. I told Steven, “I would rather participate and finish dead last that just be a spectator.” Now, I know that is stretching it just a bit. I really want to finish in the middle somewhere. And when I am really bad at something, I want to practice in private before going public. I have been walking at 6:30 am with my walking partner and then after she leaves, I go back to the park and practice. I think I will wait a few more weeks before I suggest that we start training. By then I should be at least able to make it around the park with her.
  6. Because Bob’s office is officially, as of today, in our home. When he is not traveling, I want to impress him. I am a bit concerned about him finding out what I actually do all day.
  7. Because I have a practice schedule and it does feel good to cross it off.
  8. Because I love to hear my hubby say, “I am really proud of you, Babe!” He is always my chauffeur and encourager.
  9. Because I need a new swimsuit. This June, my Rupp girl cousins are getting together for a few days at Devils Lake in Michigan and most will be in their suits all day.
  10. I made a doctor’s appointment for a physical in mid June. I still have some pounds to lose or I will have to break this appointment. It has been a long time since I have been to my doctor. Bob has been nagging –yes nagging–me to do this–using the excuse that if he retires we may not have as good of health insurance. I don’t believe for a minute that he is actually going to retire but I am a submissive and obedient type of person.

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