Monday, April 14, 2008

All charged up for another year!

It is not so great to get old but I must say birthdays that go on and on are certainly worth a bit of the price you must pay for another year! I had so very many favorites this birthday weekend!

On my birthday, I attended Grandparents Day at Harrison School with Morgan and Hale! What fun to see them in their setting and among their friends.

One of the highlights of my childhood was helping to keep my siblings humble. It was a hard job but somebody had to do it. Usually, I could get one or the other to help out. I am not like that anymore! No, I am not! And they don’t hold grudges either. Nope! My brother, Lowell's hearty greetings with three little pigs singing tenor encouraged me to celebrate as big as my birthday which he reminded me is a very big number. Lou sent two cards--one in very large print reminding me of the inevitable signs of old age! And although we seldom give gifts other than greetings, Donna sent me a lovely Haitian scarf, a card that had to do with potty training and phoned as well since I was at such a landmark age. Their teasing attention made me aware that I was celebrated and loved. No matter what you say, that really is what it meant!

I had even more highlights! For one, my dear friend, Ellie and I nearly share a birthday and so we always celebrate together. This year we had a wonderful dinner with hubbies and then attended a participatory rockin' and clappin' and turnin' but no jumpin' by us but lots of jumping by others Gospel Choir concert!

And if you have the patience to listen, here are the Make My Day Sweet Sounds of grandkids! On hearing the end of Jackson and Lilly’s greetings, my sister, Lou, said that she knew where they got such a sense of humor! Grif’s unprompted call made me chuckle and smile with joy!

I received an "It's A Go" bouquet from my dear hubby.

And an "I love you, neighbor," bouquet as well. (Donna's table scarf is on the little table.)

Life is so good!

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