Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dr. Larson, Here I Come

Nicole’s blogs from October 31 and October 30 reminded me that I ought to go to the doctor. I only go to the doctor whenever I get my weight to a certain point. As soon as I am there, I make an appointment for a physical or whatever complaint has been bothering me. Dr. Larson is one of those people that cannot give blood because she doesn't weigh enough. She always reminds me that I need to lose weight. I nod and tell her I am going to work on that. I never tell her that I have been starving myself for a long time to get to the prescribed weight so I could come and see her. If I ever have an emergency, I cannot go to Dr. Larson because I may need to be weighed so I go to Urgent Care where no one knows me. It’s been more than two years since my last physical. I have had two reminders for a mammogram and one reminder that I am due for a bone density test. I am exercising and starving. When I lose 7 more pounds, I can make my appointment which is important because I need to do that while I have good insurance before Bob retires which is another subject altogether.

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